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O'Reilly Out: Should FOX News have stood by star in wake of allegations?

O'Reilly Out: Should FOX News have stood by star in wake of allegations?

April 21st, 2017 by Gazette Staff in Opinion Editorial

For two decades Bill O'Reilly has been the most popular talk show host on FOX News—indeed, the top-rated host on any cable news channel.

Now he's gone. FOX News announced this week the network and O'Reilly had parted company in the wake of multiple sexual harassment claims against the host that cost a reported $13 million to settle.

O'Reilly might have survived. But when major advertisers started pulling away, FOX News' biggest asset became a liability. The "O'Reilly Factor" host has consistently denied the sexual harassment charges and continues to do so.

O'Reilly won't be walking away empty handed. He reportedly makes $25 million a years and still has two-and-a-half years left on his contract.

Some say FOX News is long overdue in sending O'Reilly packing and the sexual harassment claims should be taken more seriously by the network. Others say the charges are unproven and O'Reilly is being unfairly treated.

We want to know what you think. Was FOX News right to sever ties with Bill O'Reilly in the wake of this scandal? Or should the network have stood by its biggest star?

Send your response (50 words maximum) to opinion@texarkanagazette.com by Wednesday, April 26. You can also mail your response to the Texarkana Gazette Friday Poll, at P.O. Box 621, Texarkana, TX 75504. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. We will print as many responses as we can in next Friday's paper.


Last Week: Trump and the Military

Last week's question was about the recent U.S. military strikes in Syria and Afghanistan. Do you support President Trump's more aggressive military posture? Or do you have reservations about his actions?


It is a relief to learn that we have a President who respects our military. As a veteran who served during the Korean War I agree with using just enough force to protect our servicemen and their mission. By doing so, we are showing the world that we are no longer sitting back and being paper tigers.—J.C., Texarkana, Texas


Obama's affection for Islam, mixed with liberal "Christian" theology, resulted in an excessive degree of appeasement. Misapplying "love thy neighbor," while disregarding Jesus' words, to not " cast ye your pearls before swine " Concerned over offending Islamists, action against the "swine" in their midst was restricted. Hoping to eventually reason with obvious evil, they become stronger, leading to unavoidable, and riskier military action. —D.H.M., Texarkana, Ark.


While I did not support Trump's candidacy I do support his recent action in Syria and Afghanistan. What he did in Syria should have been done by Obama in 2013 after the first chemical attack. It appears that Trump is letting the U.S. military call the shots instead of doing what political advisers deem to be politically expedite.—L.O. Texarkana, Texas


From www.facebook.com/TexarkanaGazette

  • There is no black and white. It's all grey and requires a nuanced approach for America to be great. Trump has shown no sign that he is capable of dealing with anything requiring nuance. These two strikes were applauded by ISIS more recruits. ISIS is an ideology that will not be stopped by bombs alone. Imagine the hearts and minds we could have won with the trillions wasted on military adventures that accomplished little relative to the security of the U.S. Revenge feels good, but does nothing to improve the welfare of a country's citizens.
  • Historians realize that nothing is simple, everything is infinitely complex. Every action has a reaction/consequence. Jerry Harp is right that we could have done so much good for ourselves with all the money we spent in Afghanistan, Iraq, even Vietnam. We could have 100 percent renewable energy, free and high quality education for all, and an updated infrastructure for all our citizens if we would have used restraint in global conflicts. It seems like anytime we topple a dictator, lawlessness, chaos, radicalism and debt is the most common result.
  • The Republicans were always after the last president for not seeking approval for military action of any kind, but Trump seems to be getting a free pass. That's a little hypocritical.
  • He was legal in what he did but can not start war without their approval. Learn the rules.
  • It is about time we have a president and commander-in-chief who is willing to do what is necessary. He has it right—Let it be known we will do what is right; do it and talk about it after the fact. He is truly making great again and returning the U.S.A. to its rightful place as the most powerful nation in the world. He did not declare war so let the bleeding heart liberals cry and see what a real president does
  • Anyone claiming that he needs Congress is being ignorant. Obama didn't need Congress for the similar crap he did. A president only should need congressional approval to go to war. Even Hillary Clinton was praising Trump for hitting Assad after the gas attacks. Any nay-saying is just leftist hate. What he is basically doing is making America a super power again not the pushover piggy bank it was under Obama.
  • Syria hasn't come to America and bombed anyone yet. Neither has Afghanistan.
  • Yes bombing an already warned and empty airfield along with a cave sure was impressive (sneer). Stupid Trumpettes
  • He's Trump. He thinks he's God. God bless us.
  • He may be president, but I can be proud to say that I didn't vote for him.
  • Love it.
  • 100 percent
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