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Swords and Daggers: Is new Texas law a good idea?

Swords and Daggers: Is new Texas law a good idea?

September 14th, 2018 by Gazette Staff in Opinion Editorial


uns get a lot of attention in the Lone Star State. But today we are going to talk blades.

That's because a new law went into effect this month allowing Texans to carry Bowie knives, daggers, throwing knives, machetes and even swords, openly or concealed.

Previously the state made it illegal to carry a knife with a blade longer than 5.5 inches. And under the new law there are some places that still carry the 5.5. inches restriction—such as bars, amusement parks, schools, polling places, racetracks, hospitals and churches—and sporting a long blade at these places could land you in prison. But for the most part Texans are now free to strap on a sword, for whatever reason, and venture out into the world.

Now, chances are the Legislature simply meant to make longer pocketknives and the like legal. We doubt they really thought much about swords and machetes. But the law's wording allows just about any bladed instrument.

Critics say that makes the law just plain silly and indulges childish fantasies, perhaps dangerously so. Others are in favor, saying it's about personal freedom.

We want to know what you think. Is the new law a good idea or not? Should it have been more carefully written to exclude swords, machetes and the like?

Send your response (50 words maximum) to opinion@texarkanagazette.com by Wednesday, Sept. 19. You can also mail your response to the Texarkana Gazette Friday Poll, at P.O. Box 621, Texarkana, TX 75504 or drop it off at our office, 101 E. Broad St, Texarkana, Ark. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. We will print as many responses as we can in next Friday's paper.

Last Week: Nike or No?

Last week's question was about shoemaker Nike's advertising alliance with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Are you boycotting Nike because of the Kaepernick campaign? Or are you against any such boycott?

While people have every right to express their opinions, there is a line that must be honored—our country and what it stands for. Mr. K. needs to put his energy into working with young people to teach them respect and honor. Shame on NIKE for giving this any credit!—D.R., Wake Village, Texas

I am in complete agreement with a boycott of Nike products and I will never buy another product from them. I think it is disgraceful they are featuring the person that started the ongoing disrespecting of the national anthem and our flag. Obviously Nike supports disrespecting our anthem and flag as well. I hope all Americans and members of our military, both past and present, boycott ALL Nike products to send a clear message. We are tired of America being disrespected!—H.P., Texarkana, Texas

No, I will not boycott NIKE for making a deal with former QB Kaepernick to help them sell more NIKE shoes. I will buy NIKE shoes when I want to. However, I've never bought their up-class-expensive shoes. I don't boycott anything that interferes with my happiness. For example, I will watch NFL football, the entire season.—B.J., Texarkana, Texas

Of course, if Kaepernick has a right to influence others by publicly demonstrating his opposition to "racial injustice," those who oppose him have the same right, which I am one. Why? Because his perception is based on gross negative exaggerations, developed by people who distort the truth, that desire to, and would silence any opposition, if they were in control.—D.H.M., Texarkana, Ark.

From www.facebook.com/texarkanagazette

  •  Instead of destroying your Nike products. I feel they should donate them to the less fortunate.
  •  I will NEVER buy NIKE again! If they cared so much how come when Tim Tebow did it he couldn't ? Hmmm! I guess it boils down to if you kneel because you're full of hate like Colin and Muslim, or kneel to God thanking him like Tebow. I prefer the latter! I hope Nike and Colin go broke!
  •  It's done just like new Coke was!! Great free advertising ploy. Time will tell. Will not buy Nike or watch NFL. Respect for country and Florida.
  •  I have never had any use for Kaepernick and never will. I also haven't watched the NFL in two years and won't.
  •  I have never had any use for the NFL or any of their overpaid players. Football. Just hate it
  •  What did he sacrifice?
  •  Donated our Nikes. Will not buy again.
  •  No more Nike for me.
  •  JUSTDONT! Not until Kaepernick leaves Nike!!!
  •  LOVE Nike!!!
  •  He has the right to protest. He also has the right to donate some of his 19 million dollars he makes every year. Poor little rich boy. He also has the right to move out of this country that made him a millionaire. If this country is so horrible and he or anyone else is so suppressed feel free to board a plane and remove yourself from this suppression. There are many other countries to choose from. This poor little whiney millionaire has the money to move anywhere he chooses to. So what the hell is he doing here if he hates it so bad?
  •  Love Kaepernick for doing what he does and NIKE for what they are doing.
  •  Compare the ideas and philosophy of Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick and tell me how they differ? Look at the color of their skin and tell me how they differ. Now justify your decision based on real facts.
  •  I'm for the boycott. Nike can use the company name to protest whatever they want, but they'll do it without my money.
  •  No Nike if you disrespect our country and disrespect law enforcement you need to go!!
  •  It's not about THE FLAG! Kneeling doesn't mean disrespect to the flag and what it symbolizes. Kneeling is a personal gesture for what one feels about what is taking place in this country that some are too blind to see (literally)? I'm thankful that I live my life respecting the opinions and views of others. And when I don't understand, I seek clarity to understand why a person feels a certain way. That's what makes our country GREAT! The fact that we are DIFFERENT but it doesn't make one superior over another. But who am I?
  •  Why burn your Nike products? What are you retarded? Nike has already got your money.
  •  #boycottnike
  •  I won't buy anymore but won't destroy the shoes I have.
  •  The British Broadcasting Corporation did their research last week and verified that Colin Kaepernick has been on the Nike payroll since 2011. I don't care how CK chooses to recognize the U.S. flag or who Nike employs to sell shoes. A rich guy (Kaepernick) in the U.S. makes millions while doing nothing, and a shoe company makes millions while paying foreign labor workers less than a $1 an hour.
  •  Never owned a pair of Nike. I don't watch football. Those kneel are showing disrespect to our country. They should be fined.
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