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No Nuggets, Old Story: Buc-ee's decision once again raises conspiracy theory

No Nuggets, Old Story: Buc-ee's decision once again raises conspiracy theory

February 4th, 2019 by Gazette Staff in Opinion Editorial

Local fans of Beaver Nuggets, row after row of gas pumps and sparkling clean restrooms were elated last year when it was learned the Buc-ee's chain of mega convenience stores might be expanding into Texarkana.

The Texas-based chain has developed a cult-like following in the past few years. Their huge stores draw visitors from around the nation to enjoy a variety of food and beverage items—both fresh and packaged—as well a nice selection of branded clothing and novelty items.

So when it was announced the company had taken an option on property along I-30, it was a dream come true to those who have visited the stores in other parts of Texas and those who wish they had.

But last week those dreams were shattered. Buc-ee's won't be exercising its purchase option. The beaver will not be building in Texarkana anytime soon.

And almost as soon as the news broke the same old tale popped up on Facebook—the Chamber of Commerce aligned with mythical "city fathers" didn't want them here.

That old saw has been around as long as we can remember. Apparently some folks think there is a cabal of wealthy businesspeople who have been working for years to keep Texarkana from growing. We would have been Dallas if not for them, the story goes.

It's nonsense. Buc-ee's corporate fathers decide what they want and from all reports their CEO has decided on another course. And the Chamber of Commerce and local business leaders would like nothing more than to see growth in the Twin Cities. They work every day to try and make it happen.

Which is a lot more than the generations of naysayers have ever done.

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