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Living History: Talk with those who have seen so much while you still can

Living History: Talk with those who have seen so much while you still can

January 7th, 2019 by Gazette Staff in Opinion Editorial

On January 7, 1927—92 years ago today—something that must have seemed miraculous happened.

Commercial transatlantic telephone service was established between the U.S. and England. For the first time it was possible for Americans to make business or personal calls to those across the Atlantic Ocean.

Of course you had to book your call in advance and the service wasn't cheap. But it was finally a reality. And less than 51 years before that Alexander Graham Bell first spoke the words "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you."

Now we have smartphones capable of well, what aren't they capable of? Telephones are just one example of how far we have come in a relatively short time. Just one of so many.

We are in a new year. Many new lives will come into this world in 2019. It's unimaginable what wonders they will see in their lifetimes.

Some will leave us this year as well.

We have people still living, right here in the Twin Cities, who were alive on that day in 1927. Think of what they have seen, what they have lived through. All the history they witnessed firsthand.

If you are lucky enough to know someone like that, now would be a good time to talk with that person, let him or her share some memories.

Because while history presses on forever, those who witness it do not.

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