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President puts public safety first

March 16th, 2019 by Gazette Staff in Opinion Editorial

The Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft have been involved in two major air disasters in the last six months.

The Max series was first launched in 2011. On Oct. 20, Lion Air Flight 610—a Max 8—crashed into the Java Sea, killing 189. And just a few days ago on March 10, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 303—another Max 8—crashed a few minutes after takeoff, claiming 149 passengers and eight crew members.

Hundreds of lives were lost. And questions about the aircrafts' safety were raised.

President Donald Trump has been close to Boeing, even selecting one of their top executives, Patrick Shanahan, as acting secretary of defense. He has touted the company around the world as a pillar of American free enterprise.

Boeing's CEO assured the president the planes were safe in a Wednesday phone call. The Federal Aviation Administration said the planes were safe that same day.

But President Trump put pubic safety first and later that day grounded the Max 8 and Max 9 until there are more answers in the crashes.

That was a good decision.

It's possible the planes could fly again—following a thorough investigation. But for now the president has decided to keep them on the ground. We support his decision and applaud his putting public safety first.

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