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Letters to the Editor: Invest in youth and Civility

Letters to the Editor: Invest in youth and Civility

June 19th, 2017 in Opinion Letters

Invest in youth



Recently I read an article about "Things to do for the Summer for our kids."

Evidently the author of the piece did not know that our wonderful town does not have a "public swimming pool" or "public Boys and Girls Club" for the youth of Texarkana. When I was growing up here I swam in every mud hole with water. Some of my friends drowned. Now, some 60-years later Texarkana is still in the same carefully planned state. We now pass the responsibility on to the Salvation Army, at least on paper. How sad.

Now we want to spend every dime of "the arts." I have no problem with the arts. But spend some money on things that will benefit the most citizens, especially the youth, not those seeking gratification in seeing their picture in the paper and magazines. Spending money on kids should be a far better investment than a picture of self in big-size hats for swollen heads.

William Moore

Texarkana, Texas 





The jarring image of Kathy Griffin holding the severed head of Donald Trump makes one wonder where this mentality comes from. Well, maybe you should look no further than the editorial page of your local newspaper. On May 31st, the Gazette published an column by Dick Meyer, "The Five Worst Americans in History?" Now, who do you think made that top five, maybe Lee Harvey Oswald, the despicable Jeffrey Dahmer, or maybe the mass murderer who posed as an abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell? Nope, they didn't make it, but guess who did? None other than President Donald Trump! As a matter of fact, in Mr. Meyer's list, Trump was tied for second with the founder of the Ku Klux Klan!

It is this kind of demonization of someone simply because they have a different political view that, we on the right, have been lectured to about for years but now it seems to be open season on anyone or anything that deviates from the liberal orthodoxy.

If the Gazette truly believes in "civility" it should remove this obviously deranged writer from its pages.

Shaun King

Texarkana, Texas

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