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Letters to the Editor: Segregation & Billy Graham

Letters to the Editor: Segregation & Billy Graham

March 9th, 2018 in Opinion Letters




Had a disturbing experience today here in Texarkana, Texas. Went to the designated poll to vote which is located at a public school in my neighborhood. I've voted at this location for over 10 years. As I approached the door I noticed a sign that read "Republicans Only". Another sign gave the location for Democrats to vote which was over a mile away.

I immediately became irate, please understand I grew up in the 60's to mid 70's and clearly remember the signs reading "White Only" & "Colored Only". I began to yell, "This is segregation based on party affiliation". I yelled because if we remain silent and allow the promotion of any form of segregation to reestablish itself in our country, we as a people will march backwards and promote the division that is rearing its head under this administration. We will lose the progress and unity that makes our country great. Today it's party, the next time it may be gender or age or height or weight or dare may I say the color of our skin.

The problem is that the "Republicans Only" poll was at a public school. A school that receives funding through city, county, state and federal taxes all of which all citizens of Texarkana, Texas, contribute, not just the Republicans. The Democrats were located at a private facility. My argument is that if the polling place is at a public facility then that facility which receives these types of funds must accommodate all parties involved equally. If they don't, that is an act of segregation based on party affiliation.

We must recognize and eradicate the seeds of segregation that are being planted by whoever and whomever is planting them. We must not allow the these seeds to once again take root and grow the weeds of segregation in our diverse society. We must trample them down, underneath the sole of, unity, patriotism and brotherhood for our fellow American. Truth is truth, be blessed

Ron Johnson

Texarkana, Texas


Billy Graham



It is so sad to see all the celebrities, Presidents and those of the news media to have had a relationship with Billy Graham and his love for Christ to turn their backs on God and choose sin. It is inconceivable that knowing Gods love for all that they would try to destroy the very thing Billy Graham spent his life preaching that God so loved the world that he gave his only Son to die on the cross for our sin. But you have to except the Lord as your savior and not turn your back on the Lord as so many have done and joined the world. Even our church's have brought the world in to Gods house and to fill the pews and preach compromise. Well you can't compromise Gods love and join the world and expect to have Gods approval. You have free will and you alone make your choices no one else can do that for you

If you wish to stay in a relationship with God you can't join the world. You either love and give completely to the Lord or you choose the world. God does not live in the world for it is sin and we have to move from sin and give our lives to Christ. When you do you will feel the peace that comes with knowing Christ as your savior and have eternal life. I don't mean you will no longer have problems because you will but God will be at your side to bring you through the hard times and make times of calm a blessing. I pray for all those that have turned their backs on Christ and those that haven't excepted Him as their Savior to come into His arms and ask forgiveness and surrender their lives to Christ.

If those that had followed Billy Graham and sought his advice not turned to the world we wouldn't have the problems we have today. God bless the Graham family. We lost a mighty soul seeker for the Lord and pray for those that have picked up where he left off in seeking souls for the Kingdom of God.

Miriam Mills

Nash, Texas

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