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Letters to the Editor: My Prayer

Letters to the Editor: My Prayer

February 11th, 2019 in Opinion Letters

As a father of three children including a 7 month old, who was born nearly two months early, I am sickened and deeply saddened by the recent passage of a law in New York and introduction of a bill in Virginia allowing abortion right up until the due date. Sadly and despicably, the Governor of Virginia was even heard discussing the scenario of how to deal with an innocent baby who survived an abortion. Lawmakers in New York applauded and cheered upon the signing of this late term abortion law, which in my opinion is akin to murder.

The Declaration of Independence includes the words life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So how do we reconcile this grave disconnect when we've murdered more than 60 million babies since Roe v. Wade? The simple answer is we can't—sadly we can't.

There are those who will talk about women's rights and the right to choose. The problem is life is not a "choice"—it is a gift from God. There is no life without God and every single life is a blessing. Interestingly, even Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe, eventually gave birth to her child and put her up for adoption. Later in life she became a pro-life activist and spent the rest of her days trying to undo the law that bared her name.

So how can we, as Americans, expect God to bless our nation and deliver us from the evils of this world when we continue to turn our backs on the unborn, the most vulnerable and innocent life among us? The simple answer is we can't and we shouldn't.

My prayer is that these recent laws will be overturned by the State or Federal Supreme Court upon appeal. In the meantime, my hope is that any expectant mother considering abortion would also consider adoption—that they would choose to give their unborn child a chance at life and allow someone who may not be physically able to have children of their own the opportunity to love, nurture and cherish this child.

Matt Robertson

Texarkana, Texas

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