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Tigers' standout QB Pearson leaving town for North Texas today

Tigers' standout QB Pearson leaving town for North Texas today

January 11th, 2017 by Louie Avery in Sports Prep
Cade Pearson

Texas High has been blessed with good quarterbacks which probably won't change anytime soon.

Media, family, coaches and friends gathered Tuesday at Texas High' multi-purpose facility to wish senior Cade Pearson good luck and goodbye because he was leaving today for Denton, Texas, and North Texas University.

Pearson rewrote the Tigers' passing record book this past season, completing 154 of 218 passes for 2,399 yards, with three interceptions and 24 touchdowns. Those numbers put him up there with the likes of Ryan Mallett, Chris Marshall and Nate Sorenson.

Pearson (6-2, 205) was Texas High's starting quarterback the last three seasons, starting every game and missing only one snap unless he was taken out late because of a lop-sided score.

"I'm going to North Texas mostly for athletics, but also for accademics; they have a good business program there," Pearson said. "I went to a camp over there and loved every minute of it. Coaches Seth Littrell and Graham Harrell were impressed and wanted me. I've got a chance to play early, that's the big reason I've going early. They've got a red-shirt freshman and true freshman who will be competing with me.

"I'm pleased with my career at Texas High. "I'm confident I can play in college, and I'm not saying that to be cocky or arrogant. In my heart I believe that. I believe in my passing ability."

Pearson's biggest regret leaving high school is the fact Texas High did not win a playoff game during his three seasons. The Tigers were 10-0 going into the 5A Division I playoffs last November and lost to a 6-4 West Mesquite team.

"That playoff loss was just a freak thing," he said. "I think we could have competed with the team (Highland Park) that won the state championship. Losing in the first round so many years is a growing thing, but it's going to be a thing of the past in the next two years. It has nothing to do with coaches. It has been about execution."

Pearson credits offensive coordinator Clint Toon for his development in high school.

"Coach Toon and I have spent endless hours in the film room together," he said. "He said he spent more time with me than anyone else he's been around in the last four years. The fact Texas High has had a great run of quarterbacks has been a big boost for my confidence."

One reason Pearson was able to set several career passing records was his durability.

"I was able to play through some injuries; I played with a hurt rib in the playoff loss my sophomore year," he said. "I hurt my tailbone the next year, but only missed one snap."

Pearson hopes to put on 20 pounds before next fall, which could give him an edge on his competition (Mitch Cason and Quinn Shanbour).

Pearson is the son of Frank and Dorie Pearson.

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