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Hornets' boys run away with team title

Hornets' boys run away with team title

Wet weather derails field competitions

March 15th, 2019 by Brian Tyl in Sports Prep

REDWATER, Texas—The Hornets stung the competition.

Hooks' varsity boys totaled 137 points and won the first place trophy at the Joe Culpepper Relays at Dragon Stadium on Thursday.

Daingerfield was second and Waskom was third. The field events were canceled because of wet conditions.

Daingerfield's varsity girls won the relays, followed by Waskom, and Queen City in third. Elysian Fields won the junior varsity boys division.

Sydney Hornbuckle of Redwater was the best in the 800 meter run, while teammate Chloe Turner was second. Hornbuckle also won the 1600 meters with a 5:43.99.

Eliyah Howard crossed the line in second for Liberty-Eylau in the 400 meters.

Queen City's 4x200 relay team took silver as did Lady Bulldog McKinlee Russe in the 100 hurdles. CeCe Walker was second in the 200 meters for QC.

The team of Ivori Larry, CeCe Walker, Neci Larry and Nyla Henderson were second in the 4x400 relay.

Hailey Sutton crossed the line first in the 300 meter hurdles for Hooks.

On the boys side, Tanner Pounds, Carter Duncan, Mason Price and Logan Murray earned gold in the 4x100 and the 4x200 for Hooks.

Murray blazed to a first-place finish in the 100 meters with a 10.97-second performance.

Teaondrick Wade of Hooks took the 110 hurdles, while teammate Jacob Mahar was second. Mahar earned the gold medal in the 300 meter hurdles, and Wade was second.

Michael Ruth hit gold in the 800 meters, and Rhett Ashmore was third for the Hornets.

Duncan was second in the 400 meters, while teammate Leonard Brice was third. Hooks took third in the 4x400 relay.

Queen City's JC Stone was second in the 800 and 1600 meters.


Culpepper Relays results


Joe Culpepper Relays

Thursday, March 14

Dragon Stadium

Redwater, Texas




110 HURDLES—1. Teaondrick Wade, HKS, 16.40; 2. Jacob Mahar, HKS, 16.45; 3. Nick Ferguson, DF, 17.16.

100 METERS—1. Logan Murray, HKS, 10.97; 2. TyJaylon Wilkerson, DF, 11.02; 3. Hamilton, WAS, 11.26.

1600 METERS—1. Pineda, WAS, 5:11.46; 2. JC Stone, QC, 5:14.41; 3. Satterfield, Hooks, 5:20.70.

4x100 RELAY—1. Hooks (Tanner Pounds, Carter Duncan, Mason Price, Logan Murray), 43.12; 2. Daingerfield, 43.20; 3. Elysian Fields, 43.49.

4x200 RELAY—1. Hooks (Pounds, Duncan, Price, Murray), 1:31.28; 2. Daingerfield, 1:31.59; 3. Elysian Fields, 1:32.48.

400 METERS—1. Trese Grant, DF, 52.69; 2. Carter Duncan, HKS, 52.72; 3. Leonard Brice, HKS, 53.58.

300 HURDLES—1. Jacob Mahar, HKS, 42.66; 2. Teaondrick Wade, HKS, 43.78; 3. Nick Ferguson, DF, 44.91.

800 METERS—1. Michael Ruth, HKS, 2:10.60; 2. JC Stone, QC, 2:18,26; 3. Rhett Ashmore, HKS, 2:19.02.

200 METERS—1. Danny Mitchell, DF, 22.84; 2. Jakauri Woods, DF, 22.88; 3. Jakobe Goynes, DF, 23.35.

3200 METERS—1. C. Pineda, WAS, 11:13; 2. A. Sanchez, WAS, 12:17; 3. Victor Gonzalez, DF, 12:22.

4x400 RELAY—1. Daingerfield (Wilson, Ferguson, Allen, Grant), 3:39.85; 2. Waskom, 3:40.78; 3. Hooks, 3:43.56.

TEAM TOTALS—1. Hooks 137, 2. Daingefield 99, 3. Waskom 45, 4. Elysian Fields 34, 5. Queen City 23, 6. Redwater 14, 7. Harleton 0.




100 HURDLES—1. Samantha Rogers, HAR, 17.22; 2. McKinlee Russell, QC, 17.57; 3. Shauna Cooper, WAS, 17.78.

100 METERS—1. Madison Harris, EF, 12.75; 2. Joi Akinsuroju, DF, 12.87; 3. Zamya Wilbarger, DF, 13.15.

1600 METERS—1. Sydney Hornbuckle, RW, 5:43.99; 2. Perla Bravo, WAS, 6:08.93; 3. Grecia Bravo, WAS, 6:14.93.

4x100 RELAY—1. Daingerfield (Wilbarger, Bruce, Akinsuroju, Fields), 49.93; 2. Elyisan Fields, 51.79; 3. Queen City, 51.86.

4x200 RELAY—1. Daingerfield (Wilbarger, Akinsuroju, Roberts, Bruce), 1:48.63; 2. Queen City, 1:49.36; 3. Elysian Fields, 1:56.20.

400 METERS—1. Zahria Jackson, HAR, 1:04.03; 2. Eliyah Howard, L-E, 1:04.43; 3. L. Jeffery, L-E, 1:05.67.

300 HURDLES—1. Hailey Sutton, HKS, 51.72; 2. Shauna Cooper, WAS, 52.05; 3. Samantha Rogers, HAR, 52.72.

800 METERS—1. Sydney Hornbuckle, RW, 2:30.94; 2. Chloe Turner, RW, 2:38.54; 3. Grecia Bravo, WAS, 2:53.71.

200 METERS—1. Madison Harris, EF, 27.41; 2. CeCe Walker, QC, 27.63; 3. Quanesha Roberts, DF, 27.84.

3200 METERS—1. Grecia Bravo, WAS, 13:32; 2. Perla Bravo, WAS, 13:41; 3. Sam Wells, RW, 13:58.

4x400 RELAY—1. Daingerfield (Ashlyn Bruce, Sanaa Fields, Montrevia Durham, Quanesha Roberts), 4:27.90; 2. Queen City, 4:30.71; 3. Harleton, 4:32.00.

TEAM TOTALS—1. Daingerfield 92, 2. Waskom 70, 3. Queen City 61, 4. Elysian Fields 52, 5. Redwater 49, 6. Harleton 44, 7. Hooks 34, 8. Liberty-Eylau JV 24.




110 HURDLES—1. Kyle Mandarich, RW, 19.17.

100 METERS—1. Watson, WAS, 11.68.

1600 METERS—1. Helton, EF, 6:02.61.

4x100 RELAY—1. Elysian Fields (Mason, Kirkland, Dixon, Wilkerson), 46.78.

4x200 RELAY—1. Elysian Fields, 1:39.97.

400 METERS—1. Kirkland, EF, 56.34.

300 HURDLES—1. C. Watson, WAS, 47.94.

800 METERS—1. M. Gonzales, WAS, 2:18.60.

200 METERS—1. Wilkerson, EF, 24.40.

3200 METERS—1. Kilin Kennedy, RW, 12:48.50.

4x400 RELAY—1. Elysian Fields, 3:55.85.

TEAM TOTALS—1. Elysian Fields 110, 2. Waskom 97, 3. (tie) Hooks, Redwater, 72.

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