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Education foundation buys baby grand piano for students

Education foundation buys baby grand piano for students

February 12th, 2019 in Texarkana Region

The Margaret Daniel Educational Foundation at Ashdown School District has purchased a baby grand piano for students to showcase their talent during the lunch hour.

The piano will also be available for use by those holding community and school events in the Ashdown High School cafeteria.

"Since its arrival a few weeks ago, students, community members and staff have shared their talents and provided music to the open area in our school," Principal Kay York said. "The soft music often heard in the office during lunches and between classes is a welcome addition to the high school.

"Our wish is for many students to continue to develop an appreciation and love for music. Some students are now taking lessons after hearing others play."

Superintendent Casey Nichols said, "We are so excited to have such a wonderful gift placed in the cafeteria for our staff and students to showcase their musical talents. What an awesome memorial to long time Ashdown educator Mrs. Margaret Daniel."

The Margaret Daniel Educational Foundation supports the Ashdown School district via grants that staff deem "over the top" ideas and opportunities for the students.

Many teachers and staff have received monies to challenge students and provide materials that are beyond what local, state and federal monies provide. Some of the grants have gone toward Mongo drums at the elementary school, butterfly gardens, writing training for teachers at Columbia University, art materials for the high school art department, engineering equipment for robots and programming at the elementary school and most recently, the baby grand piano.

The foundation is selling individual "keys" for $100 to fund the piano purchase. Thirty-two keys have been sold so far. Those wishing to purchase piano keys to complete the funding can contact York at 870-898-3562.

To purchase tickets, contact foundation board members Brenda Tate, Kari Harger, Thad Bishop, Katrina Williamson, Beth Provence, Darren Thomas, Mallory Wharton or York.

The Margaret Daniel Foundation Dinner will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday and area pianists will provide the entertainment on the new piano.

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