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Way It Was

Way It Was

New York takes Baltimore, 16-7, at Super Bowl

January 7th, 2019 in Texarkana Region

These were some of the stories reported by the Texarkana Gazette this week in history:

100 years ago


January 7, 1919:



By unfortunate circumstances, Bowie County has failed to reward W.A. Stange as county agent. Mr. Strange has been placed in the awkward predicament of a man without a contract at the present time. He left here last night with his family from Ennis, Texas. He received a telegram from A. & M. College authorities advising him that they could not place him as the community agent here.


Jan. 8:



Bullie Hargraves was arrested yesterday afternoon by the Texas side police on a charge of impersonating an officer. It is alleged that Hargraves had represented himself as a officer in an attempt to relieve two men, Otis and Richard Eason, brothers, of whiskey they were supposed to have on their person. The men were also arrested, but later were released as not enough evidence was found to justify holding them for the federal authorities.


Jan. 9:


The district school fairs have been so popular with patrons and the boys and girls composing the various agricultural clubs in Miller County are to be given first attention by W. H. Laney, the new Miller County agent, who arrived January 1 ready to assume duty. This was declared by Mr. Laney yesterday. "In the district fair our people in Eastern Arkansas, where I have been working a number of years, have found one of the greatest incentives to systemic efforts to produce first class farm products," he stated.


Jan. 10:



J. M. Barnes will play with Texarkana golfers on Links of the Country Club. American's champion golf player, J. M. Barnes, due here today, is to be the guest of J. K. Wadley. During this week he will take part in golfing at the County Club links. Mr. Barnes is the winner of both professional and open tournament championships. With other experts in golfing, Mr. Barnes gave exhibitions last year for the benefit of the Red Cross, which resulted in cash returns of 500,000.

Jan. 11:


A wedding of interest to many was that of Miss Mamie Limberg to Yaney Rosborough, which took place at the home of the bride's mother in Marshall, Texas on Thursday morning with Father Byrne as celebrant. Both bride and groom come from among the older families of Marshall and have many friends here to wish them happiness.


Jan. 12:


Mrs. J. M. Cohen and little son Alford arrived Thursday evening for a visit with Mrs. Leo Crouse, and Mrs. Crouse's brother, commander of Harry Badt of the Battleship Arizona, is expected to reach the city today on a visit with his sisters.


Jan. 13:


Mrs. Mary King, Mrs. Francis Marie Hicks, and Mrs. Marion Yexler are to be hostess to the high seventh class of West Central Schools this evening at the home of Mr. And Mrs. E. L. King in honor of the graduation of the grammar school, which takes place next week.


50 years ago


Jan. 7, 1969:


Hope, Ark.—Fire destroyed one building and heavy damaged another in the heart of the business district. Officials said the Western Auto and the adjoining building, Clyde's Department Store, were partially damaged and suffered heavy smoke damage. Officials say the blaze started in the Western Auto store and the building was gone when firemen arrived. The roof collapsed on the store. Cause of the fire was undetermined, and there was no immediate estimate on the loss.


Jan. 8:


J. N. Shoptaw was unanimously elected Mayor of Texarkana, Ark., by the Arkansas Board of Directors at the first meeting of the new year Monday night. Jack Trigg was elected assistant Mayor by the board over Harvey Nelson by a vote of 4-3. Following his election, Mayor Shoptaw addressed the board. "Being Mayor is not an easy task and I think we all should endeavor to accept our responsibilities as citizens and board members to serve our city."


Jan. 9:



Jan. 2—Mr. And Mrs. Michael M. Murphy, a girl; Mr. And Mrs. Noah Gladden Jr., a boy; Mr. And Mr. John M. Flatte, a boy; Jan. 3—Mr. And Mrs. Douglas C. Grieve, a boy; Mr. And Mrs. Charles Rousseau, a girl; Mr. And Mrs. Gary L Bryant, a boy; Jan. 4—Mr. And Mrs. Karl C. Bird, a girl; Mr. And Mrs. Ralph N. Buckley, a boy; Mr. And Mrs. Don C. Lindsay, a boy; Mr. And Mrs. Benjamin B. Butler, a girl; Mr. And Mrs. James T. Irvin, a girl.


Jan. 10:


J. S. Ainsworth Jr. of 2121 Garland reported he was robbed by two men about 8:15 p.m. Wednesday in his home. He said the two men, who were wearing stockings on their heads, took 722 dollars from his billfold. Ainsworth, who said he had a heart attack, said a switch on the electric meter box, on the outside of his house, was suddenly turned off by someone. "Then when I went out to turn the lights back on, that's when they jumped me. They took the billfold from me and fled." Chief Ed Smith of Texarkana, Ark., police department said the only information he could release was that a man was robbed, and the police department is investigating. Ainsworth said he was still in weak condition from his


Jan. 11:



Forest and range land fires the past two days have destroyed hundreds of acres of land and several homes and buildings in Bowie and Miller County. A fire at Sulphur Township in Miller County that started Tuesday night continued to burn till late Thursday night. The blaze had destroyed over 300 acres and three houses according to Miller County Ranger Bill Bateman. There have been no injuries reported in the fire. The fire was reported under control late Thursday.


Jan. 12:



Five-year-old Elena Arroye has no ears but she has heard a miracle. The little Indian girl born without ears or ear channels was brought here by Viola Griste, a missionary from Norman. A surgeon at Presbyterian Hospital built her an ear canal taken from her thigh. Elena can hear even through the bandage which covered her head. Miss Griste says when her name is called, she responds immediately and the toy cash register by a nurse has barely stopped ringing since she awoke from surgery.


Jan. 13:




Broadway Joe Namath put the money, $15,000 of it, right where he is by pitching the New York Jets to a 16-7 Super Bowl victory over the Baltimore Colts Sunday in a stupendous upset. A capacity crowd of 75,377 watched in amazement as the 18-point underdog in a supposed mismatch outplayed and outfought the Colts to give the American Football League its first victory ever in the post season series. Joe Namath proved himself right.

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