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Way It Was

Way It Was

Youth driving Ford truck has narrow escape

June 10th, 2019 by Vivian Osborne in Texarkana Region

These were some of the stories reported by the Texarkana Gazette this week in history:

100 years ago


June 10, 1919:



There was no telegraph business in this city yesterday with the exception of the Texas Postal for points in Texas only. The Western Union and Mackey were closed all employees joining in the walkout. It was stated here last night that at Dallas out of 600 employees but 10 remained on duty, officials of the company working wires themselves. Superintendent Hargrave, of the Mackey, Dallas, himself handled a wire yesterday. At Little Rock two operators were reported as remaining at their post. There was only the manager at the Mackey office there. The Shreveport Western Union and Mackay offices were also closed.


June 11:



a local company composed of W. D. Waldrop, J.G. Sanderson, H. L Toland and Ben Shaver have secured a permit to drill for oil in the bed of Little River from steel bridge Near Wilton,, to Red River.


June 12:



Although no parties were injured, a Ford Delivery car, belonging to the Texarkana Ice Cream Company, was badly damaged yesterday when the youth who was driving it seemingly lost control in making a curve around the Chamber of Commerce building causing the front wheels of the small truck to spread, also bending the axle of the car to such an extent that the radiator was badly torn, together with other parts of the car which were slightly damaged. The Ford barely missed, colliding with a Studebaker car which was parked at the left of the Offenhauser building, thus preventing what might have proven to be to be a very serious accident should the cars have come together.


June 13:




The Baptist Orphans home, of this try again has suffered the loss of one of their boys, through a fancy on the part of the youth to take French leave of the home. The old out of the boys, whose name is Hue Lyonn, is dark completed and is about 14 years old. The next oldest of them is named Alvey Brown and also has dark complexion, and about the same age, perhaps a little Younger than the one mentioned, while the other one of the boys is only about 11 years of age and has light complexion. Employment of these youth is strictly forbidden by the home and any information relative to their whereabouts by the home and any information relative to their whereabouts will be highly appreciated by the management of the home.


June 14:


The treatment of broken and otherwise injured arms has been somewhat facilitated by the invention of a new splint which is a mechanical device ready for instant use in any cause without regard to its character. It is in war, were a great number of cases are to be treated as quickly as possible. This new device will be of the greatest value. It is adjusted to the body of the patient. It can be used on any arm and maybe adjusted to any position in which it may be desired to hold any arm. It is a combination of metal rods with suitable joints and hinges. So the area is properly supported and protected at all time.


June 15:


United States Deputy Sheriff Battlefield of Sherman, Texas passed through the city yesterday afternoon on his way to Atlanta, Georgia where he is escorting A. M. Teague to the federal prison where he is to serve a three year sentence imposed upon him several days ago in federal court at Sherman, after he was convicted of operating a fake advertising scheme. Teague was the alleged originator "Teague Telephone and Directory" an advertising medium upon which he sold exclusive rights to many individuals throughout Texas and Arkansas. Upon representation of that he was the owner of a copy write. Teague, in a statement here yesterday afternoon declared that his attorney were confident. A new trial will be granted him, arguments now being in proses before a federal Judge in Freeman.


June 16:


Two weary tramps met after a lengthy separation, and sat down to compare experiences- "Have you been to the front?" asked one. I aren't seen yer about lately." "I've been laid up with influenzy." "Influenzy? What's that?" Well, I don't know. I can exactly explain it but it takes all the fight out of yer. Yer fells sort of tired like. Don't seam to want ter do anything, only lay down and sleep." "Why, I have had that disease for the last 20 years!" exclaimed the first speaker, "But this is the first time I have ever heard its name."

50 years ago

June 10, 1969:


The Extension Service, supervisor of the 4-H program, offers numerous bulletins on bread baking as does Standard Brands. Information on nutritive value of bread, tested recipes, short cut methods, and simplified directions are offered to members and local 4-H Club leaders. This modern home-based4-H program is open to girls and boys too, between 9-19 years of age. Besides learning the art of bread baking, youngsters try cookies, pizzas, pancakes and waffles. Information regarding 4-H membership can be obtained by calling or writing to the County Extension Service office.


June 11:


The discussion was tabled by the city council Monday night. Parking meter superintendent Ray Smith told the council that the department wanted to make all the meters, except by the post office, nickel meters and increase the over parking fine from 25 to 50 cents. He said that employees of downtown stores were taking up parking spaces. "They will run out and put pennies in the meters. This does not give the shoppers a chance for parking spaces. We used to have the five cent meters and they worked out fine." Smith told the Council. Several of the councilmen recommendation be tabled until merchants in the downtown area could be consulted on the matter.


June 12:


The Arkansas Stat Highway Department has begun the acquisition of right of the way for widening of U.S. Highway 71 Junction of Arkansas Highway 71 Junction of Arkansas Highway 134 to approximately 2 miles North of Fouke, a distance of 5.8 miles


June 13:



Mrs. Price handed her son Eddie and a neighbor Julie, a pair of 10-year-olds, two containers of discarded clothing at 11 a.m. and told them to drop the items in a Goodwill Industries collection box on a nearby corner. Eddie and Julie couldn't find that box so they kept walking until they found one- on a St. Louis corner 10 miles from home along a busy Interstate. Police found the youngsters in a service station about 7 p.m. tired, thirsty and lost, but their mission was complete. "They walked every step of the way," said still-shaken Mrs. Price


June 14:


Four Leaf Clover Chapter, American Business's Women's Association, honored 1969-70 Woman of the Year, Mrs. Louise Alexander, at the monthly meeting in the Palm Room of the Grim Hotel. Mrs. Alexander is the immediate past president of the organization and is now serving as chairman of the Torchbearer Committee. She is employed in the Texarkana District office of the Social Security Administration and will soon complete 30 years in government service.


June 15:


Just about the most beautiful thing in this world to me is the esteem and affection that is lavished upon us fathers by department stores. We may not be revered to highly by their children, but the department stores love and respect us with a zeal that knows no bound. Reading the Father's day advertisements always brings lump to my throat, and I'm not what you would call the sentimental type.


June 16:


Mrs. Joe Lucerno never wanted for food or warmth, and the old potbelly stove in a shed behind her home never was used. Firemen making a routine inspection said that was a good thing. The stove was stuffed with 18 sticks of dynamite, 38 dynamite caps, and 30 feet of fuse

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