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Way It Was

Way It Was

Horse, tired of waiting, wanders off with wagon

May 13th, 2019 in Texarkana Region

100 years ago


May 13, 1919:


Little Patty Lacy was hostess at a very charming "Victory Party" in celebration of her birthday Saturday afternoon. The guests assembled at the C. G. Davis home where the little hostess' mother, Mrs. Hoyt Lacy, is visiting. The guest list included Asa Love and William Wheeler, Charles and Lula Wilson, Benjamin Cox, Margaret Timberlake, Marjorie Wilson, Ethel Yocum, Margaret Gray, Campbell Gaines, John H. Trigg, Harvey Ashford, Jimmie Sanders, Laura McNeeley, Virginia Gaudin, Barbara Smith, Bettie Palmer, Marie Southerland, Gernelle Colvin, Charles Clyde Mitchell, and Evelyn Hopkins.


May 14:


Witt, Siebert and company, Texarkana architects, are superintending the erection of a two story brick wholesale grocery house at Hope for the Dildy, Johnson Wholesale Grocery Company, of Nashville. The building, which will be modern, will cost $35,000.


May 15:



The joint city sewage disposal plant is to be rushed to an early completion soon, Ralph P. Taylor, the contractor for it, stated yesterday. A plentiful supply of necessary material is in storage at the plant, and with fair weather a good force of men will finish it ready for use.


May 16:



State Line Avenue brick paving on the Texas side of the line has come to an indeterminate halt with the completion of the contractor's contract up to the north property line of Third Street. Definite information being lacking as to when the improvement district's 20 commissioners will pave the Arkansas side of the line and with what material is one of the reasons preventing the Texas property owners from Third street to the post office from proceeding with their part of the paving.


May 17:


Members of Congress have proposed that Supreme Court justices and other federal judges be required to adopt the congressional code of ethics. "Whaaat?" A good question madam. Let me hasten to assure you this Congress does indeed have a stringent ethical code. Each lawgiver, for instance, must make a complete accounting of his outside financial interest. Rumors that these reports are then buried at Fort Knox are utterly false. They are merely placed in sealed envelopes and deposited for safekeeping with the ethics committees.


May 18:


Texas police discovered a horse and wagon loose on Third and Pine streets yesterday morning at 3:30 o'clock without a driver and found about $50 worth of groceries and feed in the wagon. The property was identified later as that of R. L. Littlejohn, a renter on Judge J. J. King's farm near Dripping Springs. The man had been taken ill and gone to the physician for treatment, it was stated. Police returned the horse to its previous post. Mr. Littlejohn was given a $2.00 fine for failure to control wagon.


May 19:


On Friday evening Mrs. L. P. Perdue entertained with a prettily appointed bunco party in honor of her niece Miss Bernice Lawson. The guest list included Miss Gladys Watts, C. F. Burch, Miss Eva Nix, May Crumpton, Pauline Hamilton, Lula May Ray, Fannie Johnson, Willie Figures, Louise Watts, Ida and Lizzie Huggins, Neal Burgess, Pierce Matheney, Otis Ball, Harry Durham, Roberts Wright, Charles Newkirk, Treher Firmin, Frank Huggins and Mark Blaydes.

50 years ago


May 13, 1969:


Face-lifting operations now in progress at Texarkana, Ark., City Hall will soon be complete, with the addition of central air condition and a new roof with silicone waterproofing treatment to the upper part of the structure. Cost of the revamping will total about $106,000, according to City Planner Director C. Gene Davis, and will include sandblasting operations on the exterior. "What all this work amounts to is a general overhaul of the entire building," said Davis, "It was built in 1928, and the city has had to spend very little on repairs."


May 14:



Plans for the formulation of a master plan for the development of Bringle Lake, northwest of the city, into a massive recreational park were announced by Bill Harris, Texas-side director of parks and recreation. The 1,000 acre site, also known as Water Works Lake, is an ideal location for a golf course, archery range, camping and boating facilities, a day camp for youngsters, rifle, skeet and pistol range, swimming beaches and other lake improvements, said Harris. Money for the drawing up of a master plan would be financed through the negotiated sale of timber on the property, he said.


May 15:


ATKINS Chapter of Colonial Dames 18th Century met in the home of Mrs. Everett Lumpkin, national arm bearer. A nominating committee was appointed, including Mrs. A.C. Cook, Mrs. L.M. Person, Mrs. Paul King and Mrs. Frank Forte. Mrs. Carl E. Harris gave a presentation of Freedom Flags and gave their history. Lunch was served by the hostesses, Mrs. R. G. Martin, Mrs. B. B. Phillip, Mrs. Noble Crank, Mrs. M. R. Martin, Mrs. Frank Sava and Mrs. Victor Larmayeaux.


May 16:



Caddo Boy Scout Council's new officers and board members will be installed at the Leaders Appreciation Dinner. Dr. Walter C. Barnes Jr., Texarkana surgeon-physician and partner in Southern Clinic here the past 25 years, will be installed as president. John T Logan Jr. will be scout commissioner and Frank W. Howell elected council treasurer.


May 17:


Someone called police to report a television antenna had been mounted on a stop sign at an East-side intersection. Sgt. Charles Long investigated, and sure enough, he found an antenna installed there in expert fashion with the lead-in wire to a nearby apartment building. Before being ordered to remove it from public property, a tenant explained he had moved into the apartment the night before and had set up the antenna because it was getting late and it "seemed like a good place for it."


May 18:


A Texarkana motorcyclist was treated for a head injury in a local hospital after an accident. Roy Gene Cox, 17, of 1305 Couch St., was entering 9th St. from Pete's Drive Inn in the 1900 block at the same time a driver of a car, Kenneth Harold Cowley of Maud, was turning left. The two vehicles collided and Cox landed upon the hood of a car behind him driven by Jerry Ray Palmore of 4109 Pine, reported patrolmen James McCormack and Ronnie Nelson, of Texarkana, Ark., police. Cox was treated and released at St. Michael Hospital. Also, Mary Rhoden, of 1902 W. 16th, was admitted to Wadley Hospital for treatment of a head injury received when she was thrown off a horse at the Interstate 20 and Richmond Rd. intersection.


May 19:


Friends describe Mrs. Stella Wright as happy and giggling these days, and as nervous as a young bride. Mrs. Wright, 77, a widow, plans to marry 91-year-old James W. Brown. "It was the first time we had met and that same June, he popped the question to me," said the sprightly great-great grandmother, who has eight living children, 72 grandchildren, 66 great grandchildren and 41 great-great grandchildren. Mrs. Wright, who lives alone in a trailer where the wedding will be held, said she waited a week or so while she talked about it to her children before accepting Brown's proposal.

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