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SUPER SISTERHOOD: Local fitness group dresses up for special 'Wonder Woman' viewing

SUPER SISTERHOOD: Local fitness group dresses up for special 'Wonder Woman' viewing

June 17th, 2017 by Greg Bischof in Texarkana News

Women belonging to the fitness group Barbell Butterflies get together before going to see the new movie "Wonder Woman" on Friday night in Texarkana. Many women dressed up for the event, and they had a whole theater to themselves for the movie.

Photo by Forrest Talley /Texarkana Gazette.

About 50 to 60 Barbell Butterflies, a local women's exercise and fitness group, lent some muscle to movie box office receipts for the early evening showing of "Wonder Woman" Friday at Cinemark Texarkana 14.


Many of the Butterflies even dressed the part of the red-, white- and blue-clad super heroine.

Since the mythical female character displays superhuman agility, ability and strength, Lynn Cofield, the group's founder and leader, decided to rent out one of Cinemark's regular screened showings of the flick for her group.

Lynn Cofield, in costume, holds Zyla Carter, who ran up to her and called her the real Wonder Woman; Amy Sandson watches. The women belong to Barbell Butterflies.

Lynn Cofield, in costume, holds Zyla Carter, who...

Photo by Forrest Talley /Texarkana Gazette.

"This gives the girls a chance to get together and have a good time for an evening," Cofield said. "It also gives me a chance to just thank the girls for working so hard at their self-improvement efforts."

While the group ranged in age from 20s to 60s, some of the older members, such as Debbie Norton, remembered "Wonder Woman" as a late-1970s television series.

"We here in this group all kind of have a sisterhood, because we are all trying to reach our health goals—and yes, at age 66, I can remember the TV series," Norton said.

Younger member Whitney Johnson said she remembers her mother being a big Wonder Woman fan at the time of the TV series.

Whitney Johnson and Debbie Norton are each dressed as Wonder Woman Friday night at Cinemark Texarkana 14.

Whitney Johnson and Debbie Norton are each dressed...

Photo by Forrest Talley /Texarkana Gazette.

"My mom use to love 'Wonder Woman,' and this movie is something that makes me feel empowered," Johnson said. "It makes you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to."

Barbell Butterfly member Teri Stover said it will be her first time to see the movie, but she added that a super heroine like Wonder Woman could be a big role model for all of them.

Barbell Butterfly member Laurie Perticone said she also loved the TV series, but added that the Barbell Butterflies can be regarded as heroines themselves for the support and encouragement they give one another.

"I like our Barbell Butterfly support," she said.

Barbell Butterfly member Pam Beck agreed.

"The Barbell Butterflies are the best support group I ever joined," she said.

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