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Storms forecast for region through Saturday

Storms forecast for region through Saturday

December 6th, 2018 by Lori Dunn in Texarkana News

A strong upper level storm system is expected to bring widespread showers and thunderstorms to the region today through Saturday night, and may bring some snow flurries to portions of the region Saturday night.

Bowie and Miller counties along with the rest of Southwest Arkansas and Northeast Texas will be affected, according to a hazardous weather outlook issued by the National Weather Service in Shreveport, La.

Showers and thunderstorms expected to develop today will continue through late Saturday. Rainfall amounts of three to six inches with isolated higher amounts are possible through Saturday night.

There is a 100 percent chance of rain on Friday and a 90 percent chance on Saturday, according to NWS.

As the rain decreases Saturday evening, some snow flurries may be possible Saturday night into Sunday along and north of the Interstate 30 corridor before the moisture associated with this storm system moves eastward.

Snowfall amounts are currently forecast to be too light to accumulate. Temperatures are expected to remain above freezing with lows in the mid-30s.

Isolated instances of flash flooding will be possible, especially across deep East Texas where rainfall amounts will be heaviest. No impacts due to snow are expected at this time.

Motorists are advised to use caution when driving in heavy rain.

Arkansas State Police advises drivers slowing down during wet weather can be critical to reducing a car's chance of hydroplaning, when the tires rise up on a film of water.

Drivers should also turn on headlights when visibility is low, when windshield wipers are in use and avoid cruise control.

Also, if water is covering the markings on the road, it's too deep to drive on. You can lose control with as little as three inches of water on the road, according to ASP.

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