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Atlanta business grew from owner's bee, soap hobbies

Atlanta business grew from owner's bee, soap hobbies

December 19th, 2018 by Junius Stone in Texarkana News
Ice Cream Bubble Truffles are among the homemade products available at Miss Bubbly's. One of the ingredients in Lisa Strawn's soaps is honey. All are made in her soap factory in Atlanta, Texas.

Ice Cream Bubble Truffles are among the homemade...

Photo by Lisa Strawn

The soaps of Miss Bubbly's have a sweet secret that is the source of their popularity. This is why Lisa Strawn, owner and founder of Miss Bubbly's, says they fly like bees off her shelves.

"I make all the soap," Strawn said. "The Lord led me to be a beekeeper. I learned all about my bees, particularly about the honey they make. It turns out honey is very good for your skin."

Strawn has been a crafts enthusiast all her life, with several hobbies based around making things.

"I love to make all sorts of things," she said. "I crochet, I sew and that sort of thing. When researching my bees and their honey, I found out it is great in soap, so I came up with my own soap recipe. Honey played a very big part. My most popular soaps use honey as a key ingredient."

Strawn made soaps for several months and then got the idea to start selling them at fairs and at a mall kiosk.

"Miss Bubbly's is my business name," she said. "It is a nickname I got in college. It seemed tailor-made for my business."

She felt led by the Lord to start her business, and after talking it over with her husband, left her full-time job to focus on her soap business. And success was quick in coming.

"It had to be done," she said. "When I started selling my soaps, they moved quickly. I needed all that time to produce my soaps."

Strawn described the response to her product as overwhelming, to the point where it didn't take her long to realize she needed a full-fledged store.

"I still do selected fairs, and the kiosk will be open through this Christmas season," she said.

But the store is open, and soap continues to fly off the shelves. She has new products just in time for the holiday season.

"Customers really like our Ice Cream Bubble Truffles, which are a combination of bubble bath and bath melt," she said. "We also have sugar scrubs and lotion. And just like all our other products, they are handmade in my shop in Atlanta, Texas."

Visit Miss Bubbly's at 120 Osage Trail, Atlanta, Texas, or at Facebook.com/missbubblysoap. Send email to Lisa@missbubbly.com.

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