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Texarkana, Texas, City Council to discuss Perot, parades, drainage

Texarkana, Texas, City Council to discuss Perot, parades, drainage

September 23rd, 2018 by Karl Richter in Texarkana News

A pair of public hearings and several votes make up a light agenda for Monday's meeting of the Texarkana, Texas, City Council.

The council will conduct a hearing and vote on extending the Perot Theatre management agreement.

Perot Theatre Management Co., a part of Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council, manages the theater, which the city owns. The city is seeking to extend its arrangement with the company for three years.

The city allocates up to $305,000 of hotel occupancy taxes to TRAHC to operate the Perot. That sum includes a management fee of more than $271,000.

A second public hearing and vote concern removing parades from the city's special events ordinance.

City staff recommend simplifying permitting by exempting parades from the normal special event application, which is a lengthy process.

Another vote concerns necessary drainage repairs at the lake on Skyline Boulevard.

The council will vote whether to authorize an $86,350 contract with Tatum Excavating Co. for the work.

Leaking around a storm drain pipe must be repaired immediately, according to city staff. Otherwise, the system could fail and the entire lake would drain, which would "wash out our infrastructure (street and drainage system) and could damage private property downstream as well."

The council will also vote on amending the city's purchasing manual to give the city manager power to accept or deny donations of real or personal property.

The agenda includes an open forum during which members of the public may address the council on any subject for up to five minutes each.

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday at City Hall, 220 Texas Blvd.

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