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Texarkana area 'dodges bullet'

Texarkana area 'dodges bullet'

April 14th, 2019 by Gazette Staff in Texarkana News
A storm approaches Saturday in Lafayette County, Ark. (Staff photo by Danielle Dupree)

Cooler air in the Texarkana area apparently thwarted the chance for violent storms Saturday.

Terry Purvis, a grant writer for Miller County, said he received no report of any major power outages or area of trees being blown down throughout the day.

"We apparently dodged the bullet and we got lucky this time," Purvis said.

Purvis added that the cooler air apparently overtook the possibility of a mixture with warm or humid air. Hence, the possibility of violent storm conditions was reduced.

In Cass County, Sheriff Larry Rowe said that there were only a few reports of trees down, but no major wind damage and no reports of any major areas of road blockage.

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As for Little River County, emergency management coordinator Don Hale said he received a report of only one tree down on a county road, but otherwise, no hail or wind damage.

"We appear to be pretty lucky this time, because the storm system came through in a weaker condition," Hale said. "I also didn't get any reports of major wrecks—at least not yet."

Bowie County Chief Deputy Jeff Neal also said he hadn't received any reports of either serious wind or hail damage.

A spokeswoman with the Bi-State Justice Building dispatch Center said she also had no reports of power outages, trees down or hail damage as of Saturday evening.

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