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story.lead_photo.caption Barksdale Air Force Base's team carry a military ordnance round found from a Texarkana, Texas, yard. The round will be taken to a safe location to determine if it is a live round. If it is, it will be detonated.

The military ordnance round discovered Sunday on a lawn along the 3000 block of Magnolia Street has been safely destroyed.

Barksdale Air Force Base's explosive ordnance disposal team collected the round Monday morning and took it to a safe location north of Southwest Center. There, they put charges on the round and blew it up inside a mound of red dirt, an official said. The impact of the explosion left a three to four foot wide crater in the ground.  

The charge and device were blown into the ground instead of into the air for safety precautions.

The military ordnance had a date of 1908 to 1910 on it, officials said.

The round was destroyed regardless of its status as live or benign for safety purposes.

Submitted by Texarkana, Texas, Police Department
A  man found the military ordnance on Sunday while mowing.

Although the neighborhood was not evacuated overnight, police said the homeowner decided to leave his house until the situation is resolved.