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story.lead_photo.caption Guests have their plates filled Saturday at Lonoke Baptist Church's prayer breakfast and worship service. The event was held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Photo by Stan Shavers)

Using unity and togetherness as central themes, Mount Pisgah Baptist Church co-pastor Sandra Warren wove Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s peace, justice, equal opportunity and freedom principles into a motivating message Saturday.

Warren spoke at Lonoke Baptist Church during a prayer breakfast and worship service honoring King.

Sandra Warren stands at the podium before giving her speech. (Photo by Stan Shavers)

"In Chapter 4, verse 6 in the Book of Nehemiah, we find that the Jews, who were held in captivity by the Babylonians, are now free and looking to build a new temple surrounded by a wall in Israel," she said. "It says, 'So built we the wall and all the wall joined together, for the people had a mind to work'—for the people had a mind to work. This means that we are all better when we work together, and this is true in everything. We can accomplish anything if we can learn to work together."

Building on her theme, Warren said that jointly working to improve relationships should be a goal that transcends race, religion and all other dividing points in society.

"For so long, we've been divided and separated, but now it's time to come together," she said. "This requires teamwork, and it's time to stop worrying about whether we are black or white or Presbyterian or Catholic. It's also time for ministers to stop being in competition with one another. Stop trying to outdo one another because we are better when we're together."

Warren also said the lack of prayer in peoples lives today is causing a continuous drift from godly living.

Children line up for food Saturday at Lonoke Baptist Church during a prayer breakfast held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Photo by Stan Shavers)

"Today, prayer isn't a part of our lives, and this means we have to seek God first and turn back to God," she said. "If you want to see something in your marriage turn out right, turn back to God; if you want to see your child back on the right path, turn back to prayer and back to God. We have to have a mind to work and be committed to a cause for bringing God back in our homes and in our schools. We can't keep turning our heads and pretending things aren't happening—we need to have a mind to work for Jesus Christ and for the glory of God. We have to be of one accord."

Warren concluded by saying that even geese, during their winter flights south, take care of each other during their journey.

"When we look up this time of year and see geese flying thousands of miles south for warmer weather, they actually have a rotation system of leadership in place," she said. "They have a natural instinct to work together. We likewise need to save our young men and teach our young girls the right things so we can all be as one body, and one kingdom."

MLK celebration weekend events continue at 7 p.m. today with the 15th Annual Acts of Kindness Presentation at the Twin City Event and Conference Center, 2101 Texas Blvd. Local individuals, companies and organizations will be honored for their leadership, compassion, innovation and unity.