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A Soft Landing

A Soft Landing

Gust of wind blows baby squirrel into new life

January 20th, 2019 by Jim Williamson in Texarkana News

Bear runs Thursday along the counter at Pawn Kings of Lewisville, Ark., following Jill Raborn. Bear was rescued by Raborn, manager of the shop, after being blown out of a tree during a storm as a newborn squirrel. Raborn nurtured Bear until she was ready to be released back into the wild, but Bear wouldn't leave her side and became a pet that she brings to the store.

Photo by Hunt Mercier /Texarkana Gazette.

During a windstorm, a baby squirrel was blown out of a tree and survived to become a mascot for the Pawn Kings pawn shop and Possum Bob's Bait Shop in Lewisville, Ark.

The squirrel was a hairless baby when she was found on the ground unable to flee.

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Jill Raborn, manager of Pawn Kings and a former Arkansas Game & Fish wildlife technician, rescued her.

The squirrel evolved to become well groomed with the help of clerks Katherine Harris and Anna Bivens. She was named Bear after the mascots of the Bradley Bears teams.

With a rich diet of nuts, vegetables and even some candy, Bear has blossomed and recovered from the fall.

But Bear continues to learn lessons. She leaped toward a heater and singed some of her facial hair.

She also unrolled a full toilet paper roll and stored it behind the toilet for a nest.

During Halloween, Bear went trick-or-treaing in Lewisville. Bear was dressed like a hunter, and Raborn was dressed like Bear. Really.

Some customers like for Bear to walk over them, similar to a massage, during their shopping sprees in the pawn shop.

"It's fun to work with a squirrel. We have fun, and we're like sisters working together," Bivens said.

Bear is skilled in leaps of faith from shoulder to shoulder of the pawn shop and bait shop crew.

She is spastic, doing flips in the cage, but calms down with attention, Bivens said.

Two former bank buildings at Spruce Street in downtown Lewisville were purchased by Jack Bonds to house the new businesses.

The buildings were the former People's Bank and First National Bank and were converted into the pawn shop and bait shop.

The bait shop has been remodeled to give an appearance of a front porch decorated with a bearskin rug.

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