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Education News

Education News

March 2nd, 2019 by Gazette Staff in Texarkana News
Arkansas High School sophomores Nicholas Smart, left, and Patrick McKerlie were accepted into the Arkansas All-State Orchestra and attended the Arkansas All-State Music Conference Feb. 13-16 in Hot Springs, Ark. McKerlie also made the chamber orchestra and wind symphony. (Submitted photo)


Texas A&M University-Texarkana—Dec. 2018

Ashdown, Ark.—Callie Walker Ames and Sonia Ann Caskey

Atlanta, Texas—Mary Elizabeth Boyd, Hailee Marie Clayton, Jacob Tyrrell Railsback, Emily Anne Rankin, Richard Allen Riley, Jr. and Sarah Elizabeth Wilbanks

Avery, Texas—Joseph Michael Lichtenwalter

Daingerfield, Texas—Maria P. Sloan

De Queen, Ark.—Antonio Jurdon Reyna

DeKalb, Texas—Amanda Kaye Bates, Macey Jordan Cook, Elizabeth DeLane Dorman, Trinity Brooke Gardner, Mckenzie Kaye Harvey-Dalby, Madison Taylor Mckinnie, Christian Neal Mitchell, Shana Lee Rivas, Raley Ann-elle Tanner and Dometia Wherry

Fouke, Ark.—Justin Tyler Crowe, Madison Bailey Downs, Hunter Blake Lewis and William Jeffrey White

Fulton, Ark.—April Shaffone Winfrey

Gilmer, Texas—Martha Susana Garcia and Ashlie Nicole Tiscornia

Hooks, Texas—Jeremy Shane Baxter, Travis Shane Krueger and Britney Lynn Nichols

Hope, Ark.—Alison Lee Bradley

Hughes Springs, Texas—Katelin Nicole Garamillo and Kristina Elizabeth Powell

Lockesburg, Ark.—Brooke Nicole Alexander

Lone Star, Texas—Debra Ann Lafayette

Maud, Texas—Rebecca Marie Butler, Christopher Daniel Cagle, Jennafer Cagle, Garrett Neal Griffin and Kristen Cierra Jones

Mount Pleasant, Texas—Nathalie Melissa Alvarado, Carmen Dominguez, Cheryl Denise Griffin, Joel Martinez, Natalie Yvonne McElroy, Amanda Jo Olson, Lucero C. Rivas, Jesus Alberto Robles, Rebecca Brooke Thompson, Eloisa Valerio, Brandon Taylor Weaver and Chloe Elise Wood

Nash, Texas—Tiyawna Shaveya Gellington, Kimberlee Nicole Ornelas and Austin Jason Powers

Nashville, Ark.—Aide Soto and Kristopher Loyd Woodruff

New Boston, Texas—Brooks Kennedy Cox, Charlsey Danielle Farris, Emileigh Blake Garrett, Medley Marie Hinman, Sara Ashley Shavers and Cody Wayne Skinner

Omaha, Texas—Emilee Nicole Capel and Claire Michelle Reyes

Pittsburg, Texas—Alice Yuvonne Cogburn, Alma Guerrero, Erica Dee-Anne Hopper, Miranda Lynn Loewen and Chelsy Elaine Mccormick

Queen City, Texas—Stephanie Nicole Hirzel, Barbara Carol Mote, Joshua Ross Stinson and Jason Lee Wagner

Simms, Texas—Lauren Brooke Rogers and Lyndse Brooke Spry

Talco, Texas—Kristy Siler

Texarkana, Ark.—Lindley Anne Adams, Saqr Nabil Alrafai, Gabriel Roberto Avila, Brooke Raven Barnett, Simone Lopes Culp, Theresa Michelle Griffin, Allison Paige Hall, Lindley Anne Harris, Hannah Lea Hocutt, Hunter Chole Holder, Jeffrey D. Hood, Tammy Jackson, Charles Andrew Jester, Brett L. Jones, McKenzie Lorin Madill, Olatomiwa Ayokunnu Majaro, Kathryn Nicole Mathis, Amber Cherie Mays, Mark Alan Missildine, Amanda Victoria Riskey, Dylan Miles Skog, Alexandria Elaine Smith, Michael Ryan Stephenson, Amy Elizabeth Stevens, Yarketha Shuntrail Thomas and Katlyn Ann Woods

Texarkana, Texas—Chelsea Uchenna Abadom, Brisa Dariela Aguirre, Ashley Nicole Basham, Manish Bhattarai, Steven Kyle Derrick, Dylan M. Dickens, Rebekah Elizabeth Drennon, Robert Sean Elliott, Ryan Justin Fant, Robert Joseph Felice Jr., Holden Addison Fleming, Landon Nicolas Forbes, Alicia M. Fryer, Fernando Richard Fumey, Christina M. Gonzalez, Grant Harrison, John James Howington, Harley Joe Johnson, Miranda Jo Jolly, Barnette M. Jones, Misty J'nette Jones, Eleanor Markey Kemins, Jillian Theresa Tintera Kinney, Kaitlyn Alexis Krause, Danielle Louise Leary, Nicholas McColley, James Jacob McGee, Justin Keith McMillon, Lacy Lyn McMillon, Brittney Tyra Nugent, Lance Stephen Nugent, Karol Watson Patrick, Shea Lynn Phillips, Esther Smith Pippins, Savannah Raye Pritchard, Keith H. Rigdon, Ryan Earl Rivera, Brooks H. Robinson, Sostenes Sanchez Villafranco, William Robert Sanson, Donavan Wade Saxton, Yeimy Soto, Ayrez Redd Stoker, David Andrew Thomas, Janette Urenda, Kassandra Michelle Vandever, Sostenes Sanchez Villafranco, Roshan Wagle, Cole V. Walters, Rosheaka Jan'ee Webster, Fredarick Wilson and Allison Courtnie Wright

Wake Village, Texas—Jordan Logan, Lisa Dawn Law, Taylor Marie Peek, Taylor Nicole Richard, Amber Ruth Russell, Tina Christine Tindal and Marsheka Reshun Tyson

Winthrop, Ark.—Lisa Robin Frady



Red Lick Indepentent School District—Fourth Six Weeks

Red Lick Middle School

Fifth Grade—Jack Meredith Bishop, Jackson Caler, Brooklyn Craigen, Denver Dennard, Eli Driver, Charlie Gonzalez, Abby Henard, Brett Holt, Trenton Morse, Mallory Northcutt, Grace Raley, Josie Schilling, Emma Sharp, Stella Sullivan, Julian Tobey and Joshua Walker

Sixth Grade—Anna Black, Easton Bright, Tristen Carter, Anna Haley, Carter Holt, Alayna Maiden, Moriah McLeod, Lawsen Platt, Marilyn Price, Parker Quinn, Alexis Swanson, Gracie Whitecotton and Jordan Womack

Seventh Grade—David Barlow, Diego Bustamante, Caeden Carter, Dakota Dennard, Carley Edwards, Mollie Fisher, Mason Miller, Madison Northcutt, Elliot White and Erica Zofcin

Eighth Grade—Emma Henard, Karoline Knowles, Stephanie Nguyen and Zoe Rushing


Simms Independent School District—Fourth Six Weeks

James Bowie Elementary—A Honor Roll

First Grade—Easton Daniel, Ross Daniel, Natalie Firth, Ally Lachowsky, Laekin May, Caiden Pinkerton, Rylee Rainer, Tatum Rogers and Benjamin Smit

Second Grade—Ranson Bailey, Landry Bruner, Ava Butler, Haven Capps, Cafara Goss-Baxter, Kooper Hilton, Kaylynn Hock, Colt Johnson, Kassidy McCarra, Hagen Palmore and Rylee Willis

Third Grade—Cannon Hammonds, Blake Penny, Cameron Pickering, Kodalee Pilgreen, Nadia Rainer, Landrie Tyndell and McKenna Wooten

Fourth Grade—Cavin Bailey, Lyndee Brown, Brooklyn Cox, Katie Hignight, Mollie Huggins, Chloe Pinkerton, Gina Smit, Tatum Tyndell, Bradyn Wallace and Reece Weathers

Fifth Grade—Desiree Bowder, Addison Bruner, Jansen Burt, Grace Crump, Callee Gill, Cayden Gill, Aryana Key, Chesni Martin, Jaicee Morton, Janie Rainer, Caleb Roberts, Christopher Thomas, Maddux Tyndell and Trevor Wooten

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