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Man accused of killing officer in 2016 remains in state hospital

Man accused of killing officer in 2016 remains in state hospital

May 15th, 2019 by Lynn LaRowe in Texarkana News
Tramell Mackenzie Hunter

An Arkansas prison inmate accused of beating a female correctional officer to death at the Miller County jail in 2016 remains in the state hospital.

Tramell Mackenzie Hunter, 29, allegedly killed Correctional Officer Lisa Mauldin with his bare hands in the kitchen of the Miller County jail Dec. 18, 2016. Hunter is charged with battery of a peace officer for allegedly causing serious injury to Correctional Officer Damaris Allen shortly after inflicting the injuries to Mauldin that ended her life.

Video surveillance of the alleged attack reportedly shows Hunter and Mauldin speaking in the kitchen before Hunter lunges and knocks her to the floor, according to a probable cause affidavit. When Allen enters, Hunter's attention allegedly turns to Allen whom he beats with his fist and her county-issued radio.

Hunter has been found incompetent because of issues concerning his mental health. Circuit Judge Kirk Johnson ordered Hunter's commitment to the Arkansas State Hospital in October with the goal of restoring him to competency so he can stand trial for his alleged crimes in the jail.

Hunter's name appeared Tuesday on Johnson's docket though Hunter remains in Little Rock at the hospital. Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Barrett said hospital staff report Hunter is cooperating and complying with treatment orders. A letter from Arkansas State Hospital Forensic Staff Physician Brandon Wall dated Tuesday states that Hunter is "clinically unchanged since admission despite treatment" and promises that a full report on Hunter's mental state will be available by Aug. 23 when the case is scheduled for a hearing before Johnson.

In 2016, Hunter was assigned to the Miller County jail as part of the Arkansas Department of Correction 309 program, which allows certain offenders to serve their sentences in county jails in need of cheap labor. He was serving a 15-year term assessed him in Pulaski County at the time of the attacks on Mauldin and Allen. Hunter shot his uncle and his mother and stole his mother's car in 2010.



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