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Exhibit showcases tiny art

Exhibit showcases tiny art

December 3rd, 2018 by Associated Press in Texas News

Laura Greenwood, left, the manager at the 1818 Arthouse gallery, prepares the show "Tiny Art!" with the help of Hannah DeLeon on Nov. 7, 2018, at the gallery in Snyder, Texas. The gallery's show of small artwork will be up until Dec. 22.

Photo by Ronald W. Erdrich/The Abilene Reporter-News via AP

SNYDER, Texas—Big fans of unusual art may have to squint in order to check out 120 pieces of tiny artwork in West Texas.

An exhibit called "Tiny Art!" is running through Dec. 22 at the 1818 Arthouse, a gallery in Snyder, the Abilene Reporter-News reports.

"This show is literally about small artwork, the goal here was to see who could create the smallest," said Laura Greenwood, the gallery's manager.

The largest art on display is limited to 10 inches long, but many are just a few inches tall or wide.

Greenwood's sister, Amanda Greenwood, submitted a piece called "The Breaking of the Dawn," a pencil drawing that measures a half-inch.

Other media used for tiny art pieces includes acrylic, water and oil painting, photography and sculpture.

Greenwood said the art is more reasonably priced because of its size, so gallery visitors can often purchase them for Christmas or other gifts.

Many of the pieces on display were submitted by art students at West Texas College. A grant from Big Country Electric Co-op allowed local children of all ages to enter up to three pieces each at no cost.

"I just like how much variety there is, in the medium and the subject matter and in the skill level," Greenwood said. "There's everything from a four-year-old to a professional artist. I'm really happy with the turnout that we had."

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