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A day of animals…

On June 8th, I had a busy day full of animals.

Staff photo by Christena Dowsett Dr. Jim Shively spays Dancer, a husky from the Texarkana Animal Shelter Wednesday morning at Stateline Animal Hospital. A new law in Arkansas, effective July 27, will require all cats and dogs to be sterilized before being adopted to new homes.

Later that afternoon our reporter Aaron Brand and I went to Logoly State Park near Magnolia, Ark.

I have always been a nature lover myself, and enjoy the opportunity to get out and photograph it when possible. Here are some of the animal shots from the park.


On our way out to Magnolia, Ark. we passed by Zebras. I definitely had to do a double take on that one. We decided to take a quick detour on our way back and chatted with Mr. Harris Camp who was kind enough to take us on a short tour to see his herd. Camp said he basically just loved the way they looked so he decided to get some.

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