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Bear Creek Fires

A helicopter carries in water early Thursday morning to be dropped near Jefferson Texas. The Bear Creek fire has burned for 5 days and has burned approximately 30,000 acres and is 30 percent contained. (AP Photo/ The Texarkana Gazette,Frank McConnell)

I’m sure most of you know at this point about the fires near Linden and Jefferson, Texas.

It’s been a trying time for the firefighters and families affected by the ravaging flames in the past week and a half. At last count around 50,000 acres were consumed and the fire was 80% contained.

You can click HERE to see the slideshow.

You can also click HERE for a short video.

Staff photo by Adam Sacasa: Thomas Stone looks out at billowing smoke in the distance from his residence southwest of Linden, Texas near Bethlehem on Wednesday. About 30,000 acres have burned in Cass and Marion County as of Wednesday according to officials.

3 Responses to Bear Creek Fires

  1. patsy says:

    Brought tears to my eyes. So much destruction, heartbreak, and bravery. Thank you to all

  2. oh that is so sad . i pray god for people of these region . hope they will get some money or land from government

  3. thats was very devastating….god bless them..

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