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Stop Motion Fun

Click HERE to see the stop motion video.

To make a stop motion video, first you need to set your camera on a tripod, which is important if you don’t want the background moving around.

Find a mark on the floor and focus the camera at that point to make sure you are in focus when you jump.

I started facing left, jumped and took the picture using a wireless camera trigger. I ended up doing the same thing, rotating 10 times and snapping a picture each time I jumped. (All the other pictures after that are just repeats.)

Using iMovie, I put the ten jump pictures and some other ones in and cut the time for each picture down to 00:00:03 seconds.

I copied and pasted a few pictures at a time after those to add a few more seconds to the video and that was it.

While we do have some nice equipment, this video could easily be made with a point and shoot camera or even a smart phone.

Here’s a little tip. If you don’t feel like you can jump very high, it’s okay. Just have your friend lie or sit down and shoot up toward you. It’s something I always do when shooting long jump at a track and field meet.

Trying this in different places around town or on vacation somewhere could be a nice way to mix things up so you don’t have the same background every time.

If you’ve got any stop motion videos, shoot us a link and let us know.


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