Aliens Among Us: Is there anything to UFOs? Clinton says she'll tell us

It's Friday the 13th, a day surrounded by mystery and superstition. And what better day for a question that has fascinated man for decades: Is there life beyond our planet and are they visiting Earth?

Especially when a leading candidate for the nation's highest office seems to think it's a question that deserves to be answered.

A central story line to the popular TV series "The X-Files" was that the U.S. government has long hid knowledge of unidentified flying objects and alien encounters from the American people.

Of course "The X-Files" was just a TV show. But there are many folks who think the fact behind the fiction is very real. They believe we have indeed been visited by UFOs. And that there is the possibility the U.S. has researched alien technology-maybe even the bodies of aliens themselves-recovered from crash sites.

It's possible we may find out more-and soon.

Hillary Clinton, who will probably be the Democratic nominee for president, has an interest in UFOs-or unexplained aerial phenomenon, UAPs as she calls them.

And she has vowed to release as much government info on the subject as possible if she makes it to the White House. 

She has also said she would release more information about Area 51, the mysterious Nevada base that has long been a magnet for UFO buffs and conspiracy theorists.

Now, for many people this is the stuff of science fiction. But there are believers who say the truth is indeed out there.

We want to know what you think. Is the government hiding information on UFOs and alien encounters? Or is this just a lot of hokum?

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Last Week: Ted Cruz


Last week's poll was about GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz's decision to suspend his campaign. Was Ted Cruz right to drop out of the race for the GOP nomination? Or should he have stayed in contention?


Yes, it was about time for Ted Cruz to bow out of the race. He did pretty good. There were times on some of the debates that he really "shined." However he just couldn't get away with being aggressive and arrogant like Trump. It just didn't look good on him. However, Gov. Kasich should have dropped out a lot sooner.-B.J., Texarkana, Texas




  •  Kasich could have dropped out, with Cruz selecting Kasich as his running mate, they could have combined their delegates to legitimize a contested convention.


  •  Cruz showed why people are grossed out by him and then to pick someone equally obnoxious as his running mate? Cruz and Glenn Beck think Cruz was God's choice. I would imagine God approves of him more than an adulterer and a con artist.


  •  Ted Cruz has proven his ability, intelligence and knowledge of what it took to be a president. He has fought the Establishment for our Religious Freedom and won all 3 times. He is a strong man of faith and if someone like Franklin Graham would support him, then all Christians should have.


  •  Not only should Cruz have dropped out, he should not have entered the race.


  •  It's his choice. Afraid the Repubs are making a big mistake choosing Trump. He's the Repub's Obama or worse.


  • Trump will be a hell of a good president watch and see.

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