Driver hurt in construction zone accident

The driver of a Ford pickup was significantly injured Thursday in a construction zone on Interstate 30 near the Interstate 49 interchange in Texarkana, Ark., said Cpl. Les Munn, Arkansas-side police spokesman.

Munn said at 4 p.m. Thursday, the male driver of a dark gray Ford pickup was headed east on Interstate 30 behind a semi tractor-trailer nearing a one-lane traffic construction zone when the accident occurred.

"He (Ford driver) tried to pass (the semi) before it got to that one lane," Munn said. "The truck (semi) tried to get over into the one lane and they collided."

Eastbound I-30 traffic was condensed to the one lane near mile marker 3 at the I-49 exit, Munn said.

"The Ford pickup driver is significantly injured," Munn said.

Police said a Chevy Suburban was struck in the rear at some point during the first collision, but the SUV acquired minor damage.

Though traffic got backed up, drivers were still able to travel through the single lane of traffic where the accident occurred.

"The trucks that collided ended up in the median, so the road wasn't completely blocked," Munn said. "We were able to just let them on through the other lane.

"Traffic did get backed up past the intersection of State Line Avenue at the highest line. Most of the time, it was backed up to about Jefferson."

The names of driver were unavailable at presstime, and the crash is under investigation by Arkansas-side police.

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