Texarkana's farmers' market features Cuban fare

Bren, left, and Ivan Gonzales bring their Cuban cuisine to Texarkana Farmers' Market for the final Cultural Night and the final Night Market of the season. The event was held at 7 p.m. Saturday across from City Hall in downtown Texarkana, Texas. (Photo courtesy of Anne-Marie Sullivan)

TEXARKANA, Texas - Cuban was the showcase cuisine for the final Night Market and Cultural Market of the season. The crowd, which included representatives of the local Cuban community, ate it all up.

"Tonight's market was really good," said Anne-Marie Sullivan, cultural food coordinator for the city. "We hope to continue events such as these into next year's market."

Though this was the last Night Market and Cultural Market, the season has a few Saturdays in her yet.

"Our last market for this year will be Aug. 7," said Keith Beason, administrative programs manager. "This year has been great. Well attended, with three night markets and cultural nights.

For Aug. 7, one of our most popular events takes place once again, that is, our salsa competition. Texarkana's best salsa makers will once again get a chance to square of to see who is the best. This year, you can sell your salsa, though you will need to get it inspected by a city health inspector."

(To register for the contest and to start the process of getting your salsa checked out, go to texarkanafarmersmarket.com online. The deadline to get competing salsa tested is Aug. 3.)