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A potato vine by any other name would not be so sweet

by Neil Abeles | October 6, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.
The sweet potato vines are escaping Plaza Park on East Main. This is not an entryway, however, and, in any case, the vines were trimmed back two days after this picture was made.

Before being cut back this week, sweet potato vines were spilling out all over Linden and Atlanta. The green lush vines provide an eye-catching addition to the landscape even as they seem to grow with abandonment. The vines can grow to an average of about 10 feet in length and so may not take over the town. They just look as if they want to. Most admirers enjoy the lovely foliage of the quick growing, ornamental plant which can be from bright green to dark purple in color. Their leaves are heart-shaped, similar to maple, and are lacy or deeply lobed. In among the vines will be the occasional and rare trumpet-shaped flower. The vine is grown for its showy foliage. It can produce tubers but some say these are not edible. Here were several views of the local sweet potato plant as they looked last week before the trim.

Print Headline: A potato vine by any other name would not be so sweet


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