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IN YOUR VIEW | Rights or Wrong?: Are you in favor of new Texas gun law? Are you more likely to carry in public?

September 3, 2021 at 5:17 a.m. | Updated September 3, 2021 at 5:18 a.m.

On Wednesday, what is popularly called constitutional carry became law in Texas.

The new law allows Texans over age 21 to carry a legally owned handgun in public, openly or concealed, without the previously required permit, background check and firearms training.

Federal background checks on handgun purchases remain in effect.

We want to know what you think. Are you in favor of the new law or against it? Are you more likely to carry a handgun in public, openly or concealed, now that the new law is in effect?

Send your response (50 words maximum) to [email protected] by Wednesday, Sept. 8. You can also mail your response to the Texarkana Gazette Friday Poll, at P.O. Box 621, Texarkana, TX 75504 or drop it off at our office, 101 E. Broad St., Texarkana, Ark. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. We will print as many responses as we can in next Friday's paper.

Last Week: Higher Rates?

Last week's question was about the possibility of insurance companies charging higher rates for those who do not get the COVID-19 vaccine. Should private insurance companies be able to charge higher premiums to those who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19? Or should this be banned by law?


So what happens after everyone has the shot? Tell welfare people they have to start working in factories making new cell phones? You know for the betterment of mankind. How about city folks that draw unemployment checks they have to start working farms and only get the same checks as they did for sitting around? Where does this all stop? Oh you don't want to work here doing as you are told, no more check for you. Can people not really see that it can go that far?

Nope. Drug test people instead.

Do they charge more when you don't get a flu vaccine?? Uhh no. This is ridiculous and shouldn't even be a question

Not taking the Covid shot or any vaccine isn't a pattern of 'risky behavior', it's simply a choice. Apples to oranges in my book.

Like any business the insurance companies have the right to do as they see fit. But yet certain lawmakers will try and stick their nose into their business and tell them what to do. WAIT! I thought certain lawmakers were against telling people what to do? You know, telling people what to do takes away their "rights." Once again, certain lawmakers being hypocrites!

Oh yes and the same insurance companies better pay out the wazoo when that vaccine injuries a perfectly healthy individual.

I am all about freedom and freedom goes both ways. If you want to give discounts to people who get shots, fine. Just don't get mad if people that don't get shots switch companies. LOL

It was predictable! First the government required everyone to have health insurance. Now those insurance companies are free to charge what ever premium they want. Just shows the power of the insurance lobby in DC. The only time Washington has stood strong against the insurance industry was when they raised the speed limit from 55 mph. The seat belt laws is a good example of how the government passes laws strictly to benefit insurance, taking away everyone's rights in the process.

No. They are more than welcome to charge the companies requiring their employees to get vaccinated or be fired higher prices, and the company not charge their employees more to make up the difference or cut their hours. The 4 paid hours, $100, $200, incentives are not worth the risks but some employees can't afford to change jobs or lose their benefits due to other circumstances.


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