Cattleman's Steak House to close

Building sold to Loca Luna owner

Cash Oliver, who took over running Cattleman's Steak House from founder Joe Oliver, his father, has sold the property. Cattleman's will continue to serve customers through March 5. (Staff photo by Junius Stone)

TEXARKANA, Ark. -- Cattleman's Steak House, the city institution established in 1964, will soon close.

Cash Oliver, son of the restaurant's founder, Joe Oliver, will sell the property to Hector Leal, owner of Texarkana, Texas' Loca Luna Mexican Grill.

"This restaurant has been in the hands of my family since 1964, but I've realized that it is now time for a change of direction in what I do in the business world. It is time to move on," Cash Oliver, 42, said.

Oliver has been involved with the restaurant off and on since he was 12, and some of the staff have been with Cattleman's for quite a long time, as well.

"Some of our servers and one of our bartenders have been with us for 15 years," Oliver said. "Lots of our staff members tended to stay with us and become family."

What kept him going as long as he did was the joy of cooking.

"I do love to cook," he said. "I do it for my family and enjoy doing it for our customers here. Right now, I'm ready to move on, but I do know I will miss that part of this business."

Cattleman's will continue to serve customers through March 5. Oliver hopes longtime regulars -- and those who have never tried Cattleman's -- will come in for one more meal.

"Our prime ribs and ribeyes are still crowd pleasers," he said. "And our stuffed flounder, that is one many of our fans swear by. Come on down and dine with us again before we close."

(Cattleman's Steak House is at 4018 N. State Line Ave.)