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Metaphysical boutique moves downtown

by Junius Stone | January 8, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.
Sheila Lemley, left, stands with one of her staffers, Mary Sackett. The two of them, along with others like Shannon Pickering, along with the customers, ensure the success of Crystal Moon Metaphysical Boutique, a new feature in the downtown business and cultural scene in Texarkana. (Staff photo by Junius Stone)

A new moon has risen in downtown Texarkana.

Sheila Lemley, a lifelong Texarkana resident, who opened her Crystal Moon Metaphysical Boutique more than a year ago north of Interstate 30 off Richmond Road, in now at 209 E. Broad Street.

She has relocated into what was, for a short while, Keathly's General Store.

"This location fit us perfectly," she said. "Here we are, with the downtown entertainment district, the foot traffic now here, and the general vibe all fit us. It feels good, a happening place, positive energy, much better than downtown used to be."

The shop, specializing in "crystals, gemstones, hand-made jewelry, candles, herbs, spiritual supplies" and the like, attracts an eclectic kind of crowd.

"Some call our interests 'new age'," Lemley said. "Those who come here are looking for a ... peace, if you will. They seek purpose, and a sense of being accepted. They tend to feel like misfits in the world out there."

Crystal Moon was established in September of 2020, at McKnight Center.

The spot downtown is her third move since inception, driven by a growing customer base and need for more space. She says customers come from as far away as Dallas, Shreveport, Ft. Smith, Oklahoma and other distant locations to shop her wares.

But she plans to stay downtown for awhile.

"With our level of success, a place like this was needed," she said. "I suppose the reason we have done so well is that I'm good with my customers, finding out what they need. And, I have a great staff."

(Visit the Crystal Moon Metaphysical Boutique Website at online.)

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