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On The Cover

by Les Minor | January 9, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.

She backed into it.

(Such a contrived opening, but true.)

It started by accident.

It was born of youthful incomprehension.

It moved forward with uncertainty and numerous challenges.

But it gained traction with time and eventually became her life.

Monica Valdez-Trevino, D.C. is a Texarkana chiropractor.

But to get here wasn't easy. The field wasn't exactly overloaded with women when she started.

But that is changing, just as she has.

This piece is not so much about where she is now -- though we feel fortunate she set up practice here -- but about where she has been and how it has shaped her into the compassionate caregiver she is.

Her patents will vouch for her.

One of them, Danielle Dupree, HER editor, wrote this piece. (Longtime HER contributing photographer Kelsi Brinkmeyer took the cover photo).

Dr. Valdez-Trevino's career path began when she was a teen, when she needed medical attention and didn't know if or why a chiropractor could help her.

But he did. And that healing process led her on a remarkable journey. Discover it on Page 8.

Print Headline: On The Cover


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