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Three common chiro myths

by Danielle Dupree | January 13, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.
Realistic human spine illustration. Back view on the white background. 3d render.

Myth 1: Female chiropractors only adjust babies, children and women.

"Actually, most female chiropractors treat everyone. They treat athletes. They treat manual labor workers. they treat housewives -- they treat your grandmas and grandpas," Dr. Monica said. She said her patients are split evenly between men and women.

Myth 2: I'm too big for a female to adjust to me.

"Manual chiropractic adjustments is all about knowing your leverage and contact points that are going to maximize the adjustment. It takes a lot of education and training to know exactly how the joints are aligned within each area of the body: that's why chiropractic college and undergrad is approximately nine years to get your degree. Once you understand the intricacies of the adjustment and biochemics of the body it is not necessarily about powering through a joint," she said.

Myth 3: I have to get my neck adjusted or "popped."

"No, it is not always necessary to get a manual adjustment. I prefer to give a manual adjustment, but I am what they call a "mixer" -- I like to mix it up," Dr. Monica said. "Sometimes during my treatment session, I feel the patient only needs manual adjusting. Or if a joint is being extra stubborn, I will reinforce the adjustment with a drop to a specific joint, but it is very specific to the patient and their needs. Every chiropractor picks and chooses their technique and style. Some only adjust manually, some use a "clicker "(Activator or Arthrostim), which is a low-force adjusting tool. The techniques are based on specificity, reliability and inter-practitioner reliability and accuracy."

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