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Best used-by dates

January 17, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.

Dear Heloise: For all groceries that I store in my kitchen cupboards or refrigerator, I check the expiration date and write it on the item with a black permanent marker. That way, when I take an item out to use, I don't have to look for the small printed date. I also use a dry erase marker to mark the containers of leftovers that I put in my refrigerator. That way, I know how long it's been in there and whether it's still good. -- Mary in Vermont

Recycling Vases

Dear Heloise: I was hospitalized twice last year and received several beautiful bouquets in vases. As I was putting the vases away, I realized that I had two boxes of vases from other bouquets. So I called my local florist and asked if they could use them.

They were delighted, as they have difficulty getting vases delivered with the pandemic and supply shortage.

The florist picked them up and even offered a discount on my next purchase! -- G.B. in Texas

Containing Litter

Dear Heloise: We all know that litter along the highways is a real eyesore. Here is my solution to help prevent litter. In your vehicle, open the glove box, take a plastic grocery bag and hang one of the handles over the left corner of the glove box and close the glove box -- an instant litter bag! When it's full, remove and toss it in your home trash container and replace with a new bag. Help keep our highways clean. -- Dick B., Taylorsville, N.C.

Dick, while traveling, this is a good idea to help keep highways free of litter. -- Heloise

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