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Veterinarian: Prioritize pet safety during the Fourth

by Mallory Wyatt | July 1, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.
Veterinarian Dr. Laura Matteson says pet owners should "make the inside of the home a safe space" during Independence Day, when the the sound of fireworks can make pets anxious. (Stock photo)

TEXARKANA -- While the Fourth of July is a day for patriotism, cherry pie and fireworks for humans, it can be quite frightening for animal family members.

"If they are inside pets, keep them inside," veterinarian Dr. Laura Matteson said. "Try your best to make the inside of the home a safe space."

Matteson has been a veterinarian at Wisdom Animal Clinic since 1998, her speciality small animal medicine.

"A lot of pets require medication to help them relax," Matteson said. "Most vet clinics, if the pet is current there, will prescribe anxiety medication for fireworks."

Matteson advised that outdoor animals should have a collar with identification and a contact phone number.

"Make sure your gates and fences are secure because a lot of dogs will run off when they hear the noise," Matteson said. "No matter how comfortable you think they are, they will bolt."

Matteson, a DeKalb, Texas, native, said a lot of pets run off during this time of year.

"Most of them make it home; some don't," she said.

Print Headline: Veterinarian: Prioritize pet safety during the Fourth


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