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Atlanta Makers' Market promotes local entrepreneurs, continues to attract customers.

June 14, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.
Lemonade, of course. Just the thing for a Saturday outdoor community market. That’s Landon Rowell, 6, with the help of mom, Carly Rowell, serving the drink. (photo by Neil Abeles)

The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce's half day Makers' Market community business gathering to promote local entrepreneurs continues to attract customers.

On Saturday at Woods Park and up and down three blocks of East Hiram Street, some 30 vendors set up tables to greet the public with their creations.

Vendors are often family members, some presenting their items for the first time. The market's creative idea is to be "hometown, handmade or homegrown."

In an earlier remark, an Atlanta chamber member said that it had amazed the chamber to meet so many people good at making something unique.

"Maybe no one knows about it. Maybe they have a day job, and this is their hobby. At the market, the community enjoys getting a chance to see their creations," the member said.

Here are introductions to four of the vendors. With pictures, they are:

n Landon Rowell, 6, with a large bowl full of ice cold lemonade to sell in the hot weather.'

n Donna Blizzard Homes who has a specialty of making and delivering artificial flowers for the world of funerals, cemeteries and other occasions.

n Blake Chase, 4, who has come to the market and is glad to find online characters called "Among Us." They have been 3D printed.

n Madelynn and Kade Hill who have set up their table to sell cinnamon rolls called Mad Buns and coffee.

photo Blake Chase, 4, is reaching to touch a contingent of “Among Us” — those little figures with white bulging faces? These are characters of the online game “Among Us.” These models were made by Ed Lopez, at right, of Crazy Eddy’s 3D Print Shop. (photo by Neil Abeles)
photo Donna Blizzard Homes has a real specialty. She makes flower arrangements prepared to be mounted or otherwise placed at cemetery memorials. In all, she lists 15 flower pieces suitable for ease of placement and longevity. Her business is Donna’s Floral Haven. (photo by Neil Abeles)
photo This colorful table with its colorful and smiling entrepreneurs, Madelynn and Kade Hill, is all set up to sell two unusual items. These are homemade cinnamon rolls called “Mad Buns” and a specialty coffee. (photo by Neil Abeles)

Print Headline: Atlanta Makers' Market promotes local entrepreneurs, continues to attract customers.


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