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No opinions, please

June 19, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.

Today's Sound Off is about news reporters:

Dear Heloise: There was a time in the past when television newscasters reported the news without their personal commentary. In recent years it seems that there is far too much sarcasm and personal hatred that comes out of a reporter's mouth, and all of it unwelcomed. Why would I care what a reporter has to say about someone or something that he or she does not like?

I've seen this to be especially true in political situations, and I find it rude and often misleading. A reporter is NOT a stand-up comedian and not hired to give their limited insight to a candidate, but rather to simply report the news. Maybe some people like it when a reporter gives their opinion, but if you are an intelligent person and you follow the news about what is going on in the world, why would you want to listen to someone telling you how you should think? I've heard reporters use phrases such as, "No thinking person would want ..." or "Anyone with half of a brain wouldn't want ...(or would know ...)" and worse. The public does not need the eye roll or anything else except the straight facts without the drama.

I know reporters have opinions, but please, just report the news and save your own opinions for debates with friends and family. -- Margaux C., Washington, D.C.



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Some items to hang on pants hangers besides pants, depending on hanger style:

-- Multiple scarves

-- Long necklaces

-- Tanktops

-- Baseball caps


Dear Heloise: I recently had the opportunity to thank some very hardworking and dedicated nursing staff. Being retired from nursing myself, I understand how grateful the staff can be at receiving a "thank you" of any kind. I bought a veggie tray with two different dips one day and several types of cheese and crackers a few days later. Each day I heard "Thank you" and "It's so good to get something that's not sugary!"

So, anyone trying to think of a way to thank a group, these were easy and fairly inexpensive ideas. Heloise, I enjoy reading so many of your valuable hints! Thank you! -- Tina S., Geneva, New York


Dear Heloise: I work at a job that I enjoy, but it doesn't pay very much. I can't afford to give an expensive gift to my friends, so on holidays when we exchange gifts, I make every effort to wrap the gift as pretty as I can. The presentation is nice even if the gift is not grand. I take my time and wrap it with care, place a bow on it and hand it to the recipient. I really enjoy the creative part of wrapping, even if it's a very simple task. -- Rudy M., Dime Box, Texas

Rudy, you're a kindred spirit! I love wrapping gifts, too, and to make them look so attractive that the person receiving the gift can't wait to see what's inside. I save all sorts of items, such as artificial flowers and often use them when I wrap a present. --Heloise

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