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Give fruit a vinegar rinse

May 23, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.

Dear Heloise: I read the tip about washing fruit in a vinegar rinse in the Waco Tribune. I've done this for some time. This truly does work to preserve the fruit for a week at least. I just turned 80 and can always learn something new. I enjoy your column, as I did your mother's. -- Gloria G., Waco, Texas

Clean Shower Liner

Dear Heloise: I put a small suction cup with a hook on my shower wall opposite the shower curtain. After showering, I put the middle of the bottom of the liner on the hook. This prevents the curtain from getting moldy! -- Barbara Wood, Troy, New York

ID Tags Save Lost Dogs

Dear Heloise: I read with interest the valuable tips for finding a lost dog in the Dayton Daily News. I would like to add a plea to everyone to please put an ID tag on your dog with your phone number. This is the minimum and can save your dog's life. Sadly, far too many dogs have an empty collar. My dogs have the ID, a microchip and a license, but microchips need a reader and the license requires contact with the county. But anyone can make a phone call.

Things happen, I know. A delivery person left my gate open. I was frantic until my neighbor was able to call me quickly thanks to the ID tag, and Doris Dog was safely returned. I have also been able to return lost dogs because they had tags with phone numbers on their collars. If your dog goes to the pound, it is expensive and tragically, many never come out. People are more likely to help your dog if they see a tag, because they know they can find the dog's home and won't get "stuck" with the dog. -- Gail Downie, Dayton, Ohio

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