Letter To The Editor

To the editor:

Tis the season of elections and good will to all Americans. We all believe in free and fair elections and that there should be NO underhanded activity. I am a candidate to be the next mayor of Farmington, Arkansas and I have noticed my yard signs mysteriously disappearing and my large signs either stolen, pushed over, or ripped down the middle. The damage seems to always occur over night when there is no one to witness it. I check my signs frequently, so I notice when something has happened to them. The frequency of this damaged cannot be blamed on chance. The large signs are secured with tee-post that cannot be uprooted by wind or rain. Some might say the wind or rain damaged the signs but other signs that were nearby were not damaged. I ordered 70 yard signs and ten large signs. My yard signs disappear as quickly as I put them out. Farmington is a great town to live in and I would love to represent the citizens of this great town. However, this activity of stealing or damaging signs in the middle of night must stop.

Diane Bryant