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Water bowls for pets

September 22, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.

Dear Heloise: Please keep reminding people not to use metal bowls for their animals' water dishes, as they contain heat big-time in warm weather. Also, remind them to keep the water bowls in shady places so the sun won't heat them up during the day.

In addition, they can get a pie plate, fill it with water, and then place a smaller bowl in it with food. This way, the ants won't get to it. I love your column and have read it for many years. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your wonderful hints. -- Shirley B., West Hills, California



Dear Heloise: Want to remove weeds with very little effort? Find an old dinner fork (I bought a sturdy metal one at a resale shop), and use it to dig out the roots of weeds or grass that come up where they shouldn't be. It's less expensive than buying tools at a garden shop. You can also use a butter knife to carefully pry plants from their plastic containers. -- Janice W., Petoskey, Michigan


Dear Heloise: Many people like to release balloons into the air when they're celebrating a special event. Those polymer balloons often end up killing aquatic life, because creatures get caught up and entangled in them or swallow them thinking that it's a form of food. These plastic substances cannot be passed by the animal, and they can cause other health-related issues. So, please, would you ask your readers to stop releasing balloons when celebrating something? While it won't solve all of Earth's problems, it's still a step in the right direction. -- Estelle T., New London, Connecticut


Dear Heloise: We recently repainted the interior of our house. The painter told me that after the paint on the baseboards dries, I should take a fresh dryer sheet and gently wipe down the baseboards to help keep them from getting dusty. And, if dust does collect there over time, it's easier to get it off because I used the dryer sheets. I tried it, and so far, my boards are still dust-free. It's been four months since we painted, and there isn't any dust. -- Lilly D., Houlton, Maine

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