Letter to the Editor

The National Relationship

"Blessed Is The People Whose God Is The Lord..."

Usually, when we speak of a relationship with God, it is in terms of a "personal" relationship. But there is also a larger relationship with God to be considered. It is our "national" relationship.

This is a real thing. It is that composite relationship that the entire populace of a nation maintains with God. And the quality of this national relationship directly correlates to the quality of life in a nation.

And, in America, it now plays out this way. Not unlike Israel, America is also a chosen nation. From her beginning she was divinely conscripted to serve as an example to the modern world. She was to show the quality of life (characterized by such things as strength, influence, dignity, and prosperity) which can accrue to a people who maintain a truly respectful relationship with God.

And, this respectful national relationship necessarily occurs on two relational levels. It occurs as a Christ initiated, deeply faith-based respect within the Church. And, it occurs as a secular reverence toward God, merely based in the willingness of the secular citizenry to be so.

But, America is now widely failing on both levels of this relational calling. The grassroots American Church has become broadly disrespectful in its willful shallowness. And, the secular culture is exponentially growing in irreverence, and even antagonism, toward God.

Thus, absent the pretense, the nation is now hugely disrespectful toward God. And, as a direct result, we are now a much weakened and deeply divided nation, fully engulfed in a dark downward spiral which is already touching every facet of our existence. And, sadder still, most seem unwilling to acknowledge this foundational cause - this severe national erosion of respect for the divine friendship.

Thus, the bottom line. Almighty God can be and, in fact, has been deeply offended by this national mistreatment. And, He has already responded, clueless though we may be, with a huge back-step. And, that back-step is now clearly evidenced by America's own deeply jaundiced national face and the dripping salivation of our gathering enemies.

Larry Burnett

Texarkana, Arkansas

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