Letter for filing homestead exemption a scam

TEXARKANA, Texas -- The passing of Proposition 4 last month will have a significant, positive impact on Bowie County homeowner's bank accounts, but scam artists have sent out letters trying to take some of those savings.

"They do this every year and no one needs to pay them to file a homestead exemption," Bowie County Chief Appraiser Mike Brower said.

The letter from Homestead Designation Services claims recipients needs to send a check or money order for $89 with information about their house and organization will file their Homestead Exemption. Brower said Homestead Exemptions only need to be filed once, not annually, and home owners can do it themselves for free.

"They just have to come down to the Bowie County Appraiser's Office and file the paper work," he said.

These types of scams typically target elderly home owners, who may not know filing for the exemption is free and accessible.

The Bowie County Tax Appraisal Office is at 122 Plaza West.

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