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Letter to the Editor

February 22, 2023 at 10:00 p.m.


My letter is in response to James Bright's Feb. 5th column regarding our newspaper's need for subscribers to keep it viable. We may all suffer from a bit of 'change phobia', but I applaud the Gazette for being progressive and futuristic in adapting to the times.

We should all imagine our community without our daily newspaper! The breadth of coverage of local and world events is nothing short of amazing! And the digital technology is offering even more in-depth views through videos, audios and back-story content (without the biases social media provides).

In my 25 years of reading the Gazette and traveling to other cities, I have been able to to compare what our newspaper offers vs. others, and frankly, been surprised! We are given clear and pleasing layouts; the organization of news and events is easily followed; and nowhere else do I see the full scope of events, comics, games, bridge, arts and education, as well as balanced editorial content. Except for the prominence of criminal activity and mug shots on the front page, I welcome opening my IPAD every morning to current reporting without the television commentators ranting in my ear! By the way, we even have the privilege of giving our own opinions in letters to the editor and 'questions of the week'.

So for my dollar, I hope the community continues to support the Gazette for another 150 years!

Judy Wright Walter

Texarkana, Texas

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor


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