EDITORIAL/Golden Years: Texas students raise money for janitor, 80, forced to return to work

For most of us, a happy and financially secure retirement is a big part of the American Dream

The dream remains. Happy ad financially secure? Not so much.

A lot of seniors are struggling. Prices for everything from rent to food to medication have gone up, while retirement incomes have no kept up.

One of those affected was an 80-year-old former school janitor in Callisburg, Texas, north of Dallas.

Known to students as Mr. James, he was forced to go back to work after his rent increased by $400 a month.

According to a story published last week by Fox affiliate KDFW. some students at Callisburg High didn't think that was right. So they set up a Go Fund Me account for Mr. James. They wanted to raise $10,000 to help the senior with his rent.

Well, it turns out a lot of folks wanted to help. More than 8,000 in fact. As of Friday, the campaign has raised about $270,000.

That should help Mr. James enjoy his golden years.

Hats off to the students at Callisburg High and the donors who made this possible. The money is important. But we bet Mr. James is just as thrilled by the outpouring of love, caring and support after so many years of service.