Man pleads guilty to secretly recording minors, their mother

Jarrod Wade Dee
Jarrod Wade Dee

TEXARKANA, Texas -- A man accused of using a hidden device to secretly record a woman and her two daughters in the bathroom of their home has pleaded guilty in Bowie County's 5th District Court.

Jarrod Wade Dee, 37, of Doddridge, Arkansas, pleaded guilty to numerous charges of invasive visual recording Monday during a final pretrial hearing, according to court records. He was arrested and charged in 2021.

Dee allegedly lived in a mobile home on the same property as a couple and their children in Texarkana, Texas, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The father reportedly told Bowie County Sheriff's Office investigators that he has known Dee since elementary school and that the two have been friends "all of their adult lives."

The couple found a digital recording device hidden under a bathroom cabinet. They removed the memory card from the device and put it into a home computer.

"The video appeared to depict Mr. Dee attaching the camera to its location under a cabinet in a bathroom," the affidavit states.

Video of the 11-year-old entering the bathroom, disrobing, taking a shower, exiting the shower and getting dressed was allegedly found.

Investigators learned in February 2022 that Dee allegedly left some personal property with another party prior to his arrest in December 2021 including a cellphone, a memory card, a plug-in recording device and 92 printed photos.

More than 70 of the photos allegedly depict nudity. Of the photos depicting nudity, 20 are allegedly of the 11-year-old, 29 are allegedly of the child's mother and 14 are allegedly of another minor daughter.

Dee's cellphone allegedly contained folders labeled with the names of alleged victims.

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