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Texarkana Gazette launches subscriber-exclusive content

by James Bright | June 1, 2023 at 9:15 a.m.

This article was updated on June 1, 2023. 

The Gazette is a legacy business in Texarkana. After almost 150 years of publishing, it’s a distinction we don’t take lightly.

We are proud of our work, and proud of the history we participated in and have reported on since 1875. And although the manner in which we present the news may have evolved, our need for community support remains.

That’s why we are launching “subscriber exclusive” content today.

But what does that mean? For current subscribers, your access to our news, photos, video and podcasts won’t change. But for those considering a subscription, you will find some content labeled “subscriber exclusive” and is only available for those with an active Gazette subscription. 

That doesn’t mean all of our content will be labeled this way.

Charging for our news has been a topic of discussion for the better part of a decade in our community. Many recognize in order for the Gazette to continue being the premiere news source in Texarkana, we must charge for subscriptions. Simultaneously, we believe there should be value in our service that can’t be found elsewhere. What this means is content labeled “subscriber exclusive” will have details, multimedia and information that can only be found in the Gazette. It also means breaking news, most crime stories and other pieces of our content will be free to everyone.

We also believe it’s our journalist’s talent and tenacity that will produce content worthy of your subscription. We want to stand apart from other news organizations in the region, and we have the aptitude and training to do just that.

Subscription model businesses are plentiful these days. We no longer compete with other news organizations, but rather the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Disney. There are new subscription based services that appear every day, but none of them can cover Texarkana as thoroughly as we can.

Below are several stories only covered by the Gazette and they are emblematic of why we need your support. They range from a potential hate crime in DeKalb, to a piece on a bill in the Texas Legislature that would allow a high school transfer portal for student athletes. We have taken a deep look at school safety and how it will impact our students.

We are part of the community and we are your hometown paper. We pride ourselves on pristine news, sports and feature content the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in Texarkana. But we need your help to continue that service.

Community journalism is vital to the discussion, growth and stability of a community and we are proud to be your community journalists. For those that do subscribe, we thank you. Your faith and patronage allow us to continue serving you.

We invite those considering a subscription to try us out at an introductory rate. Please help us continue to support our community and its citizens for another 150 years. 


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